My Hubby..... No objections Me Being Pantiless!

1st time when I asked my partner whether I am a sexy woman or what ... then he suggested me to wear very short jean skirt and see what the reaction of peoples around. We tried this when our car que up for drive in 'snacks' buying - instead of waitng our turn to drive-in , my partner asked me to walk and approach the drive-in counter 'pretending' to check what foods being offered for sale! I walked towards the drive-in counter while my hubby observed  people' reaction! ..... well, everybody whether a man or a woman gave I met gave me a big smile seing me wearing such a very short skirt - I really enjoyed the feelings being watched  in such short skirt in public... feel very confortable with wind gushing between my exposed thighs. From then on I keep on wearing shorter and shortest tight miniskirts in public and my partner loves the idea also!

I asked my partner  .... what if men 'raped' me while wearing short skirt ?? well, my partner response was very surprising, he said I cannot blame the men if such thing happened on me since It showed that such men appreciate my 'sexyness'  afterall I was the one who started  triggeering their lust! Such comments really 'turn me' on!!

I had wore different types of shortest and even ultra-short miniskirts until no more shortest mini skirt available that may fit my desired .......r..... then the idea of wearing miniskirt pantiless come to my head and I discussed it with my partner and we agreed to try it at a quiet beach where few peoples picnicking, We manage to locate such beach where only a groups of young boys probably teenegers playing volleyball. I  felt less 'threatened' because those 'young boys' were too young and may not me interested to an older woman like me (of 30 years age)! But once we walked towards the beach, the volleyball game abruptly stopped and every eyes were looking at me. I aked my partner what happened? well my partner said that I was too sexy for the boys and suggested me pretended dropping my handphone on the sand and picked it up ...I bowed to pick up my handphone which further exposed  private area under my short skirt ....... I could hear mourns and smooth whistling from amongst the boys! I smiled looking at them with my first finger crossing my lips ...... syhhh!!!  I reaaly felt great ....... we walked away to other areas of the beach with my partner's hand around my waist which further lifted up my short skirt!!! ......... On our way back we saw the some the boys in the bush ....... probably ************ and some resting may  exhausted after watching free 'life-show' or may be after playing volleyball!!!

Well that started my life being pantiless all the time ...............!
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Oh its so good to hear other people love to go knickerles and wear very short skirts, or full circle skirts that only take a light gust of wind to make it fly up Maralyn Munroe style, I'm too old for such fun now but I loved being oh so naughty and so free

Right on ... rather right "off" & permanently!

See also Pantiless in NYC - just google

<p>HISTORYBUFF:The Evolution of UnderwearPeter the Great, visiting Paris in 1717, was riding down a crowded street when a woman slipped and fell in front of his horse. The czar, intently watching the pretty Parisienne scissor and squirm out of danger, observed with some delight: "The gates of Paradise are open."What's interesting is not that that particular French woman didn't wear any underwear, but that almost no French women at the time wore any underwear that would have blocked the czar's view. Or any English women. Or any German women. Or any American women.It amazes us (or at least me) to learn that women for the first five thousand years of Western civilization wore nothing between their legs beyond their natural chinchilla. "Until the late 18th century, [women's] underwear consisted only of smocks or shifts, stays [i.e., corsets] and the highly important petticoats of all kinds," harrumphs The History of Underclothes by Willet and Cunnington. But nothing between the legs.It seems fairly mind-boggling to consider millions of women for thousands of years with no garment snugly covering their Delta. Sure, they generally wore very long dresses, but why not any close-fitting underwear?Yeast infections and crab lice, among other reasons, argue authors Janet and Peter Phillips in their masterful article, History From Below: Women's Underwear and the Rise of Women's Sports. "Pre-20th century women had to do without knickers and the like because of the perpetual threat of thrush [i.e., yeast infection]," state the British authors. "Since the vagina is naturally warm and moist, any covering increasing the temperature will put out a welcome mat to thrush," they contend, pointing out that yesteryear's lower standards of personal hygiene, due to lack of indoor running water, would have greatly promoted thrush and lice.Near Eastern women who did bathe more frequently than their European sisters did wear trousers or "harem pants," sometimes under skirts. And it's speculated that during the Renaissance, these garments were imported into Europe and gradually adapted into drawers, i.e., loose-fitting under-trousers, with ribbons to "draw" them tight at the waist and the legs. But these imported strange items (considered masculine and somehow perverse) never caught on with working-class women, who could still squat and pee in an alleyway.In fact, almost the only French women in the 1700s who wore drawers did so by law. A ballerina in 1727 got her skirt caught on a piece of stage scenery. Her exposure led to the passage of a police regulation in Paris that "no actress or dancer should appear on stage without drawers."</p>

i really hate wearing pants, but find that jeans are so un-comfortable without them, being a man it is just so difficult with a c*** getting caught in the front all the time, I have even considered using liners but that would be a bit girly

By the way I do not wear underwear on weekends, at work yes since I am a little "warm" and if I get excited about something it will show at work. But weekends are freedom days, nothing beats some thin shorts with no underwear beneath, cool breeze in my thinghy

You reminded me of so many nice experiences with girls "inadvertently" leting me see alot. Those experiences follow me around, happen very frequently and I feel so fortunate. I truly believe that sensual people attract each other unknowingly, and that would explain how so many things happen to some of us. When is not a panty show it is a nipple slip, or a 'no panties" deal, or a sheer blouse. All of those so fantastic. Thanks for doing that for some of us, making our day.