Pantyless In Beach Resort

For quite a long time, me and my husband were planning for a vacation. Both of us were busy with our profession and somehow managed to visit Hawaii beach resort. It was a holidays of 14 days. Flight was at afternoon, so took a shower and got ready to reach the airport. He also got ready and wore jeans with a t-shirt. I took a bit time to take bath. But I ended up with shower and wore a white frilly cotton short skirt and a red color halter neck top which shows my cleavage. In the flight we were teasing and giggling, so one lady asked whether we are newly married or not. My hubby replied, "No we are married for more than 4 years and are living together for around 9 years."

We didn't take much luggage because in beach resorts what will we wear (ha ha ha). It was a person beach resort, nobody will come and no intrusion at all. After reaching there we both take bath and decided to go to the beach. So I wore a low neck strapless bra and a tight overklit panties which will only cover my ***** lips but the entire labia will be exposed. But I don't mind, because I'll be with him and he loves my body in any of the dresses. I was checking myself in front of mirror before going to the beach. The moment he entered, I replied, "Honey, I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable."

"What happened?" he inquired.

I was checking my panties and replied, "As I don;t wear panties now-a-days I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable an itchy." "Okay so that's the issue. I think you can take out your panties as this is a personal beach resort, no one will be here to look us", he answered and tried to pacify me. But I said, "Its okay, let's go to the beach." We went to the beach and was lying down on the sand for a sunbath by putting some sunscreen lotion and an umbrella over our head.

I noticed that seriously no one is there. Almost after an hour's sunbath, he got up and was starring at my body. I also got up removed my sunglasses and asked in a flirty tone, "What are you starring at my body?" He replied, "Nothing." Then I felt secured with the environment of the beach and by seeing the opportunity went to my hubby and asked to unclasp my bra, "Now I can't bear all these things on my body". He playfully unclasped it and I threw it on the sand. Then turning around to him, I started opening my panties which was beautifully showing my labia and threw it on the sand again. When I was taking them out, I replied, "It's really hot here. I can't bear this scorching heat." He kissed me and massaged my buttocks and slightly touched my *******. Then I felt the sensation and answered, "Let's play in the water. There will be only you and me, nobody will disturb." I was playing with his nipples and then continued, "Water will touch body and the heat in our body will go away." I removed his shorts and suddenly his hard cute penis beautifully popped out of the shorts took him to the sea. 

Water was cool and nice, it was touching our body. I dragged him and brought closer to him. Both of us are naked and enjoying the sea waves. I gave his a raunchy french kiss and bite is lower lip. My breasts were touching his chest and his **** was touching my *****. Water along with his penis were touching my valley was a wonderful sensation over there. I was getting wet. Again he kissed me, but this time for about 10 minutes. He reached to fondle my breasts and softly bite my nipples. And his another hand found its exact spot between my legs. He lifted me on his waist and a huge gap created between my legs. He slid his fingers between them and said, "Hey my horny wife you are damn wet. My fingers are waiting to hit your clitoris."

I whispered, "Ruin me. Right now I'm totally yours. Spoil me totally." This made him more horny and he started rubbing my **** hardly. I was moaning with pleasure and in desire to come out. I came out and my ****** mixed with the saline sea water. I grabbed his penis and started rubbing my right hand. Water was working as the lubricant and he was also groaning in pleasure. Now he is absolutely ready to enter in me. I guided his finger in me once again. He was inserting his fingers in my **** and I was rubbing my hand on his *****. Both of us were giving pleasure to each other for about 15-20 minutes. 

Then I couldn't wait and replied, "Now I can't wait for you. Please into me and fill me with you sweet sperms." As I directed, he hold me on his waist and entered the penis inside me. He helped me to move my buttocks to feel each other. He was kissing my nipples and was moving my buttocks tremendously. Light sound of clapping of my ***** lips and his balls were coming out. I was shouting in pleasure and we came out rapidly. But I was a bit upset that we couldn't taste our ***, but having sex in the sea was great. After this we returned to our room and enjoyed there also.

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Great Story. Did anyone ever see you?



I wish, I too can go on such a trip with my wife..

tell her.....share you wish & enjoy the vacation

Sounds like an awesome vacation! wish i were there with you!

ha ha can be with me anytime honey!!!! it would me my pleasure

a wonderful,relaxing trip...hope you wore sunblock, its hard to have sex when your sensitive spots are all red and sore!

ya that's that case whenever I'm on beach I wear sunblock.......but yes I get horny very soon

Love the story


so hot..i lik all ur stories..add me as ur frnd..

hey dear.....thanks a lot for liking my stories......I'll surely add you......