Loves Me New Credit Card!

I have been going over my overdraft alot recently n i have been told by bank they cant do anything for me! so i asked advice off my daddy n step dad n they both send get a credit card but dont go mad on it!

Well i have got one with a limit of £1500! bad idea!

My addiction with shopping has gone crazy knowing i can buy things and not worrying if i have enough money in bank!

I spent £440 on mine n my mates flights! i then but bits n bobs which i really needed as i was permantly broke the month before!

I then heard that someone we know was going to download festival! i saw the amazing line up n spent £320 on mine n my mates tickets! not having a clue how to get there how we are gonna get there n how am i gonna afford tent n stuff!

I went shopping today n spent quite a bit on the baby again but im going on holiday in 3 weeks so do need to buy these things!! but it was mostly underwear! my god thats my addiction! pretty pretty underwear!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Apr 14, 2007