nothing better then hopping in the ocean or pool in the buff. No suit to restrain you. It's great
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15 Responses Jul 4, 2014

makes the swim more fun

Our pool is "suits optional" bare all the time

You are so right. Learned that years ago. No suit to restrain you (or hide you). Nothing like it.

I fully agree with you!


Why do people wear suits? Skinny dipping is the only way.

I enjoy nude beaches. Just being able to walk and lay around naked is liberating. And the best part is jumping in the ocean.

Could not agree more. Skinny Dipping is the best!

Swimming wearing anything is disappointing.

Hell yea, that's what I'm talkin about girl!

nudism is the best

if you haven't tried it you haven't lived

ever get caught?

That's the fun of skinny dipping, is being caught, watched or joined

That's the best part. It's even more fun when they join you.

It sure is.

more fun with others

Never tried, but willing to do it!