We have an above ground pool and a privacy fence on three sides. I don't care that the next door neighbors can see me. I wear my suit to the pool, get in, then *****. It's a totally different feeling to swim naked. And it reduces tan lines ;)
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A wet swim suit just feels awful, it feels like it weighs 10 pounds. I always swim nude at the house, but sucks when your out at a public pool.

I agree 100%

Beyond the modesty factor, I love the feeling of taking a suit off when in the pool. It makes a freeing experience feel even more so and it's how I started skinny dipping. Even now when I can just jump in naked sometimes I wear a suit in to start just to get that feeling.

I agree totally!

I think that, once you have swum nude, swimming wearing something is disappointing.

Naked pool time is the best way to enjoy the pool!

I haven't gotten brave enough to do it in pubic. Though I have been invited to go tubing and was warned I'd lose my suit eventually.

i go skinny dipping also

That's sounds amazing:)