My whole family does.
Now don't get nasty
It's not like that

We just don't see any sense in wetting bathing suits to go into our own pool where no one else can see us anyway
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8 Responses Nov 12, 2014

It is the only way to swim good for you and your family ...

I love to swim nude at my house too! Unfortunately my family is not the same way so I have to do it alone. I would like to soon with my friends though

Great going skinnydipping..especialy with company

Can I go skinny dippin with you and your family?

I'll have a hardon for sure

That makes perfect sense to me - enjoy!!

i agree it is the only way to go

great...the best way to be!


Call my two cents cheap, but I'd say it was a neutral okay.

More or less that, I mean, hey, I don't judge, what you do in your home is what you do in your home. It was pretty neutral.