When I was a kid growing up in SoCal our house was the neighborhood skinny dipping spot. My mom was a complete nudist and was always around the house and out by the pool naked. I have two older sisters that would go naked too.
They used to have their friends over all the time to go naked in the pool. My mom didn't care as long as they weren't bringing boys around and sexualizing the whole thing. She believed that it was liberating to be naked and it was okay for it to be voyeuristic and exhibitionistic but that it didn't have to turn to sex.
We used to skinny dip all the time. I would have a guy friend over and we'd swim all afternoon naked with my sisters friends. I don't think some of the neighbors loved it, but it was okay.
licketysplit11111 licketysplit11111
41-45, M
Mar 16, 2016