I Was a Concert Virgin Until Oct 06

My friends used to pick on me so much about never actually going to a concert!
N they used to make me jealous by telling me about all the people they went to see! I used to have to stay at home n watch it on the telly!!!

My bestmate asked me one day if i would want to go so On the 7th October 2006 i went to see McFly!!! Brilliant seats! n loved every minute of it!

On 24th March 2007 I went to see the greatest band in the world! Not so good seats but still loved it!

On the 7th June i will be seeing the same guys at the download festival! I know its not a concert but its close!

My plan is to go and see as many people as i can just because i have got such a buzz now from those 2 times n cant believe it took me until i was 21 to go to one!!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Apr 10, 2007