Fantastic 69 Eyes Concert

On May 20 2007 I went to the best concert of my life with my boyfriend.
The 69 eyes concert (do you know them?) at the Dark Fest of Bologna (italy), there were not many people (less than 500 for sure) and I was close to the stage. The concert was fantastic.
I was so excited, sang and danced all night long.

I'll always remember that night....and we got two plectrums!


(before that I had been at Simple Plan's concert because a friend of mine wanted to see them so bad....I hate them instead :|)
Vaiolet Vaiolet
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2 Responses Aug 30, 2007

It was Amazing!<br />
And in the last month I've been to HIM's concert.<br />

I so love concerts! The live music just goes right through you!