The Unknown Floor.

One day I was at a nursing home to visit a friend, and when the visit was over, I walked down the hallway towards the exit.  Somehow, I got in the wrong elevator, and got off on a floor which I didn't recognize.  Everything was nicer there, and the floors were clean, there wasn't much smell, and the nurses uniforms were sharper.  One of them asked me if I was there to see someone, and I said no, I was just done visiting someone, so she said, Mrs Jill needs some visitors, would you like to come along?  So, having time to spare, i said sure, and we went down the hall, and into a large private room, where an alert woman with big white hair was reading a book.  The nurse said Jill, you have a visitor, and she introduced us, and then took me off to the side, and said, before you have your visit, we have to do a little examination.  I went with her and another nurse into a small examining room nearby, where they asked me to remove my clothes.  They did some usual checks for pulse and so on, and then she squatted down on the floor, and lifted up my penis.  She squeezed each ball lightly, and made some comment as the other nurse felt them too.  The second nurse pulled back my foreskin and they carefully examined everything.  Then, they opened a connecting door, and brought me to Mrs Jill, who had put down her book.  Soon, the nurses left us alone, and Mrs Jill started talking about her girlhood in California and other random things, while I wasn't sure what was going to happen, until i realized that she had made room for me to climb into the bed.  After about an hour, the nurses came back, and Mrs Jill was asleep, and I was smiling.  They led me out of the bed, checked Jill's vagina to make sure that I had left a good deposit, and led me back to the dressing room.  The nurses thanked me profusely, as they examined my penis again, and I said you are welcome, and how much I would like to do this with them as well.  As I was driving away, I discovered when I reached for my car key that there was a small piece of paper in my pocket.  It had the first nurses phone number on it.  And after that, I never went back because my friend got moved to a new facility, and I never did find out which floor Mrs Jill was on.  But I called again when I found that number.  Memory plays strange tricks on you.
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May 9, 2012