Six Months And Still Going.

I have managed without underwear for six months now and I am really enjoying the freedom it gives. My wife is convinced I am having an affair......I'm not. I just love the freedom of the air and the sensation of my dangly bits dangling as they should. It is much more comfortable and less hot and I feel that my skin is able to breath. It is just healthier.....and I have not had an erection while without underwear were as with them I was always getting hard ons. Go figure!!
landyboy landyboy
41-45, M
3 Responses Sep 17, 2012

Two year snow and no underwear.. how did I do it before.

I just dont see the point of underwear! Can anyone tell me why you would even want to? I am 58 and I have not worn underwear since I was 16. Do you know how much $ I have saved? I love freeballin... I have converted MANY MANY friends not to wear underwear, gay and str8!

I've been without for two months and counting! before that I wore only loose soft boxers.

As for erections, i have more and they are more comfortable because freer especially in thin pants. I sometimes have to do math problems to calm myself down before meeting someone.