The Simple Life

i stopped wearing a bra almost as soon as i had my first one.... *oh you will just get used to it*... NO! stopped wearing panties at all like 3 years ago aand i LOVEIT! easier getting dressed...easier getting undressed :) used to be my man would ask me to not wear them then i just gave up on them totaly and he is soooo loving that! just lift my skirt or pull off my dress anywhere anytime and he knows nothing will be in his way:)
5 Responses Jan 13, 2013

It is nice you are so willing to offer yourself so pleasingly.

My personal assistant doesn't wear any panties either. And, Friday's is no bra day. I don't know what it is, but knowing she doesn't have any on, watching her bend over when she's wearing a skirt, or seeing her shorts come down when she squats is very sexy. She loves to tease me about it. I think that all girls should try it and see how sexy they feel.

I know it's so much easier not putting underwear on.. I love it.. Thanks for sharing..:)

thank YOU hun :)

I love the freedom too

I wish I had a girl like you...