Love The Sensation To Go Out Without Underwear

Hi...I'm married around 6 years ago and is 28 years old. I must appreciate that my husband (Ashley, 30 years old) is very romantic and get horny quite easily. Anyway almost after 8 months of our marriage, one evening we were planning to go for some shopping and dinner. I selected a blue denim hot pant, a black almost transparent g-string panty along with a sleeveless short top which will flaunt my navel.

Suddenly Ashley came in the room and inquired what am I wearing? I showed all the things. Then and there he stopped me to wear panty I was shocked but I understood that he is in a good mood tonight and I agreed to his demand. I stay bra-less at home and sometimes go out bra-less if I'm wearing spandex or any push up dress. But cannot go bra-less everywhere as I'm having a breast size of 36C. So that evening I went panty-less, and with a sky-high heels. Ashley was happy because I followed him.

In the shopping center I chose one tight black leather skirt for myself and demanded it. Ashley told me to try in the trial room once, if it suits then he will get it for me. I was excited and went inside the trial room with Ashley. There was only one chair and Ashley sat down and starring at me with lust to go inside me in his eyes and I was standing in front of the big mirror. I understood his non-verbal cues. The moment I opened the button of my hot pant, he pulled me near him and whispered, "Turn to me and then undress." I smiled and turned to him.

At this moment, I opened the zip of my pant and observed that Ashley's eyes were stuck down there. I was happy because he is taking interest in my most sexiest part. I took my top up and my protruded abs and flat stomach was slipped down my hot pant and threw my hot pant on his lap. My hot pant was wet as I had an *********** on the way to shopping store, he observed some of my juice was stuck to pant. As there was less space in the trial room, so I was standing quite near to him. Now I'm wearing nothing below and turned to the mirror to look at. Then I asked Ashley, "How am I looking?" He replied, "Sexy as usual. That's why I told you not to wear panty." Then I was looking for something to sit down to put my legs in the skirt. He provided me his lap, which was again tantalizing for both of us. He was still staring at my ***** and finally I put my legs in to the skirt.

As the skirt was tight it was clearly showing the round shape of my hips and my buttocks will amazingly sway when I'll walk. It was short also, so exhibition of my private part in front of Ashley will be an easier job for me. Then again I turned towards him and asked whether I should buy the skirt or not. He agreed and we bought it. I changed and wore my hot pant once again and went for dinner. Now Ashley has seen me panty-less so I can understand that he is unable to hold himself. He was desiring to see me in that pose as soon as possible. During our dinner he was starring at my ***** and was deliberately touching it and was brushing his finger tips. I was loving that's why I didn't stop him.

Finally we returned home. The moment we entered into our bedroom, he locked the door and pulled me near him, took out my top (I was in bra) and started kissing my lips and neck. His left hand clutched my hips tightly and his right hand was grabbing my breasts. Throughout the evening my nipples were perfectly erected because I was happy to be without my underwear. He tickled and sucked my nipples and without wasting time, he reached to zip of my hot pant. He opened it slid his middle finger inside my bald *****. At that time, I slipped my hot pant on the floor and was standing only in bra in his arms. As I was wet, it was easier for him to slip his middle finger inside my clitoris. Then he whispered in my ear, "This is the only reason why I told you to go without a panty. Your bald, beautiful and rose-like soft ***** stimulates me the most. Now there is nothing between my finger and your clitoris." He ****** me very hard and both of us were satisfied.

From that night onward, I promised myself that I will not wear underwear hereafter. There were three Major reasons for not wearing panty; 1) Its easy to get dress and undress, 2) feels enliven when the fabric strikes inside my ***** lips and I get wet very easily, 3) Last but not the least my husband love me without wearing panty. Now I spent more than 5 years without wearing panties. Even I don't wear it in my workplace also. I also feel that the beauty of my ***** *** clitoris augments without panties. Now-a-days also he encourages me to go out in the market or in workplace bra-less. But as my boobs are a bit big in size so still I wear. I don't buy panties at all, in lieu of that I buy sexy bras. It feel so comfortable without wearing panties. Now I'm honored to be a woman and I'm glad to have such a horny husband who is still loves me to see without underwear and especially without any dress. Still we have raunchy sex and talks dirtily with each other as if we are newly wed couple. And these days' I go to my workplace without wearing panties under the skirts even. That's why I still follow this and is not going to wear underwear throughout my life.

I also remember that, when this night we went for another vacation to Phuket Islands and reserved a sea resort. But I was panties-less throughout the trip and also took bath with Ashley in the sea. It was an amazing feeling when speedy sea waves were thrusting against my *****. So I suggest all the married women to go panties-less, at least to please your husbands. An see the change in your sex life.

- Kate...

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Simply amazing ! you are such a generous loving horny sexy hot wife who loves to please her hubby ! one of a kind lady Kate ! oh yeah ! fabulous!

yes obviously.........after all I love him so much & try new techniques to keep him happy