One Friday Night Dinner With Ashley

As I told before that my husband, Ashley loves me a lot. Suddenly one evening around 4 o'clock he called me up at my office. I was tired of doing all the office work, at this moment I picked up his call, "Hey my sexy babe. Wanna go for a dinner tonight?" It tempted me a lot and I agreed. He said, "Okay, then wait for me in a sexy dress and after dinner we will have fun at our bedroom all the night." I positively replied and came back to work. But I was back at home by 6.30 PM. Still Ashley wasn't back at home.

After taking bath, I wore a short tight black push up spandex, with low neckline which will help me to flaunt my cleavage perfectly, without wearing bra and panties. It was so short that I need to pull it down after standing from a sitting posture; otherwise it may expose little part of my buttocks. I also applied some make up to highlight my eyes and put a dark red shinning lip gloss which compliments my white complexion. I added some more beauty by wearing a pair of high heel shoes and kept my tresses untied. Till the time Ashley was back, I changed my clothes. I suggested him to open first 2 buttons of his shirt. It helps me to visualize his a bit tanned hairless chest. I kept it a surprise for him about my bra-less and panties-less get up.

We reached the restaurant and ordered our dinner. During our dinner we were talking about our life and the way we make love with each other, and were teasing each other by touching our private parts. When we were eating I was very much aroused that I wasn't able to sit properly. I was crossing my legs and uncrossing them simultaneously. Ashley understood that I’m totally stimulated and need to have sex right now. He asked me, “You want to go washroom.” He nodded and headed towards the washroom walking cross legs and swaying my beautiful round booty. As I was walking I could notice juice was dripping out of my ***** lips. But purposely I didn't remove it and pant a bit inside the toilet and finger myself. Now I’m heavily wet and confidently went to Ashley.

We completed our dinner and planned to go back home. As he was driving car, again I crossed and uncrossed my legs for about 6-7 times very restlessly. There was a traffic jam and he got the opportunity to respite me from my restlessness. He pulled me and kissed on my left breast, “What happened baby? Why are you so impatient and acting twitchy?” I looked into his eyes and replied, “I want to inside me damned.” “Okay then waits for few minutes. We will reach home soon,” he replied. “Look how much ready I am, don’t you want to put your penis inside me,” I answered. And suddenly the traffic opened and we started to go home.”

The moment we reached our bedroom, he locked the door and pulled me close to him. He kissed me and touched my tongue with his tongue. I badly needed it after a tiring day at office. I grabbed him tightly around his neck and his left hand was on my waist tightly holding them and his right hand was clutching my firm and round boobs. His left hand moved from my waist to my hips, where he was rubbing his palm against my hips by putting his hand under my dress. He replied with a grin on his face, "You are not wearing panties. Oh wow, so nice of you. Then I should undress you soon". I moaned a bit and continued kissing and smooching him. Then I demanded for a bath, "Honey, I need a hot water bath to rejuvenate myself. Can you wait for few minutes?" He agreed and I headed towards the changing room outside the bathroom. Deliberately I didn't lock the door and called Ashley up inside the room. "Please help me I'm unable to unzip my dress."

He came in and unzipped my dress at my back, started kissing my back and was massaging my boobs with both of his hands and also teased my thick stiff nipples. He loves my hairless body. He also teased me by moving his tongue on my back. I was continuously groaning with pleasure and already climaxed once. Then he went a bit down of my back and my breasts are totally out of my dress. His hands also shifted its place, from breasts it moved towards down there. His cold middle finger slid into my valley and I screamed with pleasure and more desire to want him inside me. He kept his finger rubbing against my clitoris. He replied with amazement, “Oh my babe is already wet. I will taste your sweet juices very soon.”

I’m planning to take a hot water bath which is the best to relax my body. “Will you join me inside the bathroom, Ashley?” I asked him. “Of course, why not?” he replied. I started undressing him. His hairless faintly tanned body, broad shoulders with packs on his stomach stimulates me a lot. The moment I reached to his trousers, I slightly squeezed his ***** just for fun and both of us laughed. I slipped his ***** jockey and I was really flabbergasted with his hard 7 and half inches long ****. It was hard like iron and was swollen. It was looking beautiful and as handsome as Ashley is. I used to dream of a long penis of my man before marriage and I’m happy that he is having such big penis. I put some saliva of mine and rubbed his penis.

He was about to put it inside me, but I had some game in my mind and directed him towards the bathroom. I put on the hot water shower and let it run over my body and he was watching me enjoying water on my body. I was slowly playing with my body and he was enjoying it by seeing from a short distance. After few minutes I came back into my senses that he is enjoying from a distance. I ran back to him, my breasts were jumping and I pressed them against his chest. “Why don’t you join me in the game of touching each other’s beautiful parts?” He smiled and joined me under the shower.

We started kissing rigorously each other and the sound of our kissing was mixing with the song of water. He took the seat and sat down on it. I was sitting on his lap and he was licking my nipples. Hot water was going through my **** and rolling down to my *****. In between this I came out twice. I was marvelously wet and the juices were stuck around my inner thighs almost till 5 inches from my clitoris towards knees. Juices were rolling down my thighs. Ashley was taking some of my juice in his mouth and I was kissing him on his lips with my ***. I prickled his nipples and rubbed them with my tongue. Finally I reached there to his penis which I love the most. I kissed at the base and rubbed with my tongue. As he started moaning, I understood that he likes it. I put heavy amount of saliva from my mouth to lubricate his *****. I hold his penis between my breasts also. He enjoyed it. Then I hold it inside my mouth. His cold ***** inside my hot mouth was a tantalizing sensation.

I started licking his penis as if I’m a baby and licking a lollipop. Now it is hard like a stone and he finally came out. I tasted his hot sperms and tastes awesome. Again I put it in my mouth and increased the speed of my licking along with the saliva. Again he was about to come out but this time I hold his penis near my *****. He pressurized it and spread all his ***** on my clitoris. I taste it once again. Then I sat on his lap and he rubbed his penis on my clitoral wall. I also groaned highly with pleasure. And finally he put it inside me. I started moving my waist on his lap and the lap dance started. The sound of walloping of my clitoris and thighs on his balls and thighs was echoing in the bathroom and both of us were moaning. I maintained some distance between our bodies in order to enjoy the view of lap dance. We again climaxed together.

Both of us stood up and he directed me to put my left leg on the chair and I spread my legs as much as I can. I took the support of wall and he started entering his penis inside me. This time he was moving his waist by holding my waist and his most attractive body part was moving in and out with a rhythmic music. As he increased the speed I started shouting with this sweet pain and I was teasing my ***** lips. Again we came out together. After this we put liquid soap on each other’s body and enjoyed the pleasing touch. As we rinse all the soap, we came out of our bathroom maintaining the eye contact. I lifted the towel and started drying him, then with the same towel he dried me. I left him watching me wrapping the towel loosely around my breasts. The towel was short so my hips were exposed the moment when I crouch down and untying my hair. Intentionally I leaned down a lot to show my hips and my clitoris. He couldn't control himself and hit his **** to my clitoral wall. I got up and leaned backward on him and he grabbed me so tightly that towel slipped down on the floor. We laughed loudly as this is very horny and funny for both of us.

He holds my waist and we walked down naked to the bedroom. We lie down on the bed and starting playing our nude body. I asked him, “The short spandex I was wearing for the dinner, was it okay according to my body?”

He replied, “Yes baby. That’s the best dress to sexily show off your curvy figure.” After a minute he lied on me and his penis is again hitting my clitoral wall and he started saying, “I’m happy that you left wearing panties for life long. It doesn't suit you. Even your waist-less tight jeans also looks amazing without any panties. I’m blessed with such a hot and sexy wife, who keeps me turn on all the time and attracts me like a magnet.” This was the most beautiful compliment I ever received in my life.

- Kate...
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Fantastic story! You sound like a great and fun loving couple... kudos!


thanks......but such a short comment...i expected something more from you..:P

your story is totally amazing and real

thank you once again........:)


thanks again......:)

wow - what an amazing evening

Isn't it really sexy?????I loved that evening and till date this is the most thrilling and romantic evening......

awesome story..... couple much in love and one that loves to play..... sure would like to see your pictures ..please add me as a friend

Thanks a lot.......We love to play with each other's body a lot.......which part of the story you liked the most and why?????