My First Commando Experience

Before getting married with my husband, we started living together at his house. From that time onward I'm living panties-less with him. Once we were planning to go for shopping and he forced me to wear a tight extreme low waist jeans without panties. He also forced me to wear a tight t-shirt without bra. To keep his heart I didn't wear any of the under garment. 

I went with him. As I'm having 34D breast size so it was tossing behind my t-shirt when I was walking with him. We whispered in my ears that he can feel my fully firm nipples at the moment when I'm walking with him by holding his arm tightly and my breasts were touching his arms. After returning home, I felt the was experience was great. But now I wear only stylish bra in my office as I work in a fashion company. Some of my dresses help in exhibiting my bra so I wear stylish bra but no panties ta all.
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4 Responses Jan 21, 2013

aw! i know the feeling when you are with a woman who is going commando with you! my ex used to many times but wish my wife could do it too! Anyway i am very happy to read you do it for your love! Cheers!

thanks a can also tell your wife to go commando for feels nice that you are doing something for your love interest

Very sexy and down to earth I must say. I go braless all the time and love it. It is natural for us women to be braless and without panties on.

yes that's absolutely right.......:)

wish my husband was more like yours.

just start living without your panties.......& I'm sure that he is going to love you for that.....

Very sexy and a very lucky man!

thank you so much other stories are also good.......I just shared my own experiences........