Won Title For Not Being In Underwear

Almost everybody in my office knows that I don't wear panties. Once a competition was organized that all the female employees need to be in short skirt, not the tight one and anything they can wear to cover their upper body. And all the male employees will vote for the most attractive woman of the office.

That day I chose to wear a frilly denim skirt, obviously without any panties, along with that I wore a red push up strapless top *** corset. It was amazingly showing my curves. I kept my tresses open and wore a black high heels. The moment I entered in the office, every male shouted for me as if a super model is entering into the office. After few minutes, I was talking to an employee and another guy bought some papers where my signature were necessary. I signed them and suddenly all the papers were slipped down from his hands. He started collecting them and abruptly he glanced at my ***. He was starring at my *** I came to know that. Then I turned to him and asked, "What happened Oliver?"

Oliver was starring my bald ***** lips and replied, "I think you are going to win the title today." I sat down on the chair but didn't put my legs cross. A little gap was there between my legs, I just laughed and let me do whatever he was doing. He was still glancing and may be he spread the story about my bare ***** and ***. In the evening I came to know that I have been selected as the most attractive employee in the office. 
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You would definitely get my vote!

Love it. So free without the panties. And what an effect it has. Hhhhmmmmnnn

ya that's absolutely right

would love to see the outfit on you

thank u......:)

What a great story, I wish you worked here with me. I also am without any underwear at work. I am not sure who knows but its hard to tell when you wear jeans every day. have fun.............Crazy

hahaha......ya that\'s absolutely you also go commando in the office.....girls must have observed that you are without undies

Wish I worked where you do.

i resigned from there

wow..i wish we are office mates!! That is so fun and sexy!


YES!! Did you see any guys had hard on at office?

no i didn\'t see anybody like that

just kidding my friend. :)

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What can u say ? Hottttt

thanks honey.....:)

A woman raising her skirt and showing what she is or isn,t wearing underneath is so sensual takes some beating smile

ha ha ha......thanks a lot.....

i really need to change offices ;-)

ha ha ha....

The most attractive AND sluttiest?? I hope so.
No blow job contests? wet t-shirt?? pole dancing?
Congratulations! I bet your hubby loves the attention you get wherever you go.
You have my vote babe!

oh yes he love the attention I get from men

Need more fun loving women like you! Makes life, the world and the days more enjoyable and fun. Bravo. Be proud of your body and share it liberally.

thank you dear.........:)

You should be the most ****** over the desk female in the office babe....damn you are one smoking hot lady ...please add me as friend

i added you

please add me Kate, loved this story now that would have been great to see as well, thanks for sharing

Congrats. As far as I am concerned, panties are needed for one thing and that is to be worn during my period only. Other than that, I do not wear a bra or panties.

ya that's right.......I also do the same

Thats awesome that you could wear an outfit thats very revealing and proud to show off your hot figure to everyone that was in your office . Congratulations on winning at being the most attractive employee

thanks a lot

I love a smart strong sexy confident hot lady who knows she is hot ! i bet you won every hot girl contest in your office ! i bet you had fun doing it too ! congrats sexy lady !

thank you honey!!!!

That sounds so sexy. You obviously had alot of fun doing this. Made me laugh. Please add me

hey I'm not making anyone laugh out here.....whatever happened just shared on EP

How exciting!!

thanks @Sara..........:)

Ah the joys of working with beautiful liberated women. Keep up the good work. You are certainly keeping mine up.

thanks a lot dear......:)

I would never do that if I was a women I would not have the nerve to

y n earth would der even b a title for me

Wow .........isn't it easy for some men to support this behaviour at work.
Makes me think that they don't get it at home , and maybe for a good reason !

Heck I'm far younger than you and I won that title wearing jeans and a sweater. No need to be skanky. But then I think it is just a fantasy. :)

its not a fantasy dear......its real.......:)

good on you Daddys Teena

I would love to work with you just to watch you walk in front of me

Isn't it amazing what the power of a beautiful woman can do for men . U drive us crazy and make us so happy . I thank god for sexy girls like u . Keep up the good work :) u make it fun to go to work :)

yes working in an office should be a fun......otherwise it will be something very boring.........:)

It should be boring . You go to work to support your family , not get your rocks off !

Is that how u got that position at ur office, by 0 wearing any undies to ur interview *just a thought *

Sounds pretty hott


No surprise really

yes its really not surprising at all.........:P

I have done this at school a few times, and the guys all know I do it! Great story.

thanks for appreciating least somebody is with me who has already done these thing in their young days........:)

You've done a wonderful job of winding everybody up. An interesting piece of satire.

ya thanks......I didn't wind up anybody......I was just doing my job.....& it was just a moment and I didn't know that he was looking at my *****.....:)

Why does your whole office know you don't wear panties? And what kind of office is this that they would have these types of contests? I sincerely doubt this story is even true, as that would open them up to all sorts of lawsuits!

finally, someone with a brain

Don't spoil it for her, she is just having her moment...

^lol 3 days of ep fame!

moment of fantasy, but if it makes her happy....

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