It Happened In Vegas!

My wife has never been one for show and tell, so the telling part has always been left to me!

Las Vegas is truly an adult town with an abundance of sexy ladies, those out of town and those local. My wife being one of them and local, Vegas was her playground, or so I often promoted such.

Standing just over 5' tall with alluring blue/green eyes, beautiful auburn hair that goes mid back and a set of natural 36D breasts complimented with prominent yet not too large nipples, in her late 30's she had no problem drawing the attention of men.

Las Vegas is both a strange and unique town. It is a place where women out number men 10 to 1. Sadly what that means is that most men often don't take a second glance at a woman or have the courtesy to shall we say court them for their attention. The reality is they are simply too abundant and many dressed to impress!

Like many locals, we have our favorite casino to go play at which includes our favorite sports bar within. My wife not being one for sports would from time to time sit with me at the bar and play some video slots.

Staff was made up of all male bartenders who had come to know us fairly well as regulars. I had always prompted my wife to wear attire, primarily tops that left little to the imagination. At times she would comply, for the most part I believe to humor me.

It was not until last week when we decided to go to the casino and sit at the bar for a bit. On our short drive in I took note of her selected attire as this time it was not the standard sexy and revealing tops I loved and desired, but instead a dress. A dress which I had dubbed, "little black dress".

Needless to say my prompting for naughty discreet exposure had always come with reservation to her. Exposure to a complete stranger often caused concern as to how the stranger may react. After all it is Vegas. Exposure to those we know, not necessarily friends, but those who know us as regulars caused her reservation as to what they would think. My outlook was better to be playful with those we know than those we don't!

I began to suspect a couple nights earlier that she was beginning to take my advice and live a little on the wild side. We had gone in and sat at the bar and her attire that night was a very nice lace top with another lace top beneath it. Sitting at the bar and playing her machine, it was clear that no one could really see anything exposed except perhaps the male bartenders. That night, needless to say, they were paying extra attention to her.

It was not until later that night that she advised that she was sure they could see more than ever, noting that it was slightly cold and she could feel her nipples pressing up against the lace fabric.

The bartenders, her "boys" as she referred to them as were making extreme attempts to get her to drink and be even more playful or perhaps unaware of her attire and possible exposure. As she is not a drinker, it was clear that they were being very careful, knowing that if they sauced her up to the point of getting sick, they would never have the opportunity again.

With each drink she became more playful and suggestive to them. A couple times as the came outside the bar area they would stop behind her and place their hands on her shoulder, encouraging good luck with her game. While she loved the attention, I was enjoying reading their body language and hearing the comments they thought I was not able to hear. "Can you see her ****"? one said to the other. "I think she wants us to see" the second replied.

As I sat beside her I noticed an older man in his early 50's with an attractive woman in her late 40's enjoying each others company. As I looked over I noticed as she sipped her wine with one hand, the other hand was slowly, yet diligently stoking his package through his pants.

Again, my wife being reserved, I had often hoped something like this would happen to be with her. At the same time, as our relationship is secure, I often hoped anything on the wild side might happen and often shared what I saw and encouraged her.

It was NFL playoff Sunday and her team had just one their spot in the superbowl with the earlier game. I was determined to see the next game to see if my team would make it to the bowl or not so I asked that we watch it at the bar so she could play and I could enjoy.

As we headed out I noticed that she selected the "little black dress" to wear. I knew she was not wearing a bra as she had noted to me before that she is unable to wear one with the dress.

As we arrived at the bar approximately 7 minutes into the first quarter, I thought little about her dress as again she was facing the bar and "her boys" were very busy. Moments later a familiar face came up behind us and it was one of her boys, the one that pays her the most attention.

It was his day off and he came in to enjoy the game. 3+ sheets to the wind, he placed his hands on her shoulder as normal and said guess who? She turned, noticed him and smiled. Not working today she asked. No he replied, it's my day off and I have been here drinking since just before the first game.

I noticed him glance down the front of her shirt and undoubtedly notice her breasts and that she was braless. As he began to walk away she asked him where he was going. I am sitting over there at that machine he replied. Oh she replied, adding I guess this empty seat next to me won't do.

I could hear his drunken whisper expelled from his liquid courage. Do? I would never say this to you, but sure, with all respect, I would do you in a minute. I watched the game and played along as if I had not heard the comment.

Moments later he returned and took up the seat next to my wife. Oh its you again I stated. Shut up and watch the game he replied. It was the normal back and forth insults that we did as male bonding. Nevertheless, as he was always sure to pay extra attention to my wife, such to the point where it was not too much and caused her to want more from him, I went back to watching the game yet listening intently to their conversation and any potential eyeing of her that he might do.

She had this habit that she usually used with me and that was when she would win, she would often place her hand on my leg and squeeze it a bit. Tonight was no different and as she would win her bonus I would feel her hand grab my leg. With each bonus she would sip more on her drink and her hand would move closer to my package. I would not try and persuade her differently and simply enjoyed her touch.

She had won several times that evening, but it was the third time in which she grabbed my leg that it got my attention. She had always asked her boys to grant her luck, rub the machine or wave their fingers over it. The machine was beginning 16 free spins and not only did she grab my leg, but she ran her hand right up to my semi swollen ****, rubbing it, turning and looking at me for a moment and said wish me luck!

Good luck I replied as I looked over at her and smiled. As I looked, I noticed that not only did she have her hand on my package, she had her other hand on his! He was in a sweat shirt and sweat pants and I noticed she was rubbing him as consistently as she was me. I now knew that the alcohol had caused her to lose her inhibitions. After all, no one could see but us!

About 15 minutes went by and she was not hitting the bonus. As normal she turned to him and said come on, give me some of your luck, use those magic fingers. With a slight giggle I played on that I was not paying any attention and that they were simply exchanging their normal comments.

As I looked down again to see if she was again touching him, I noticed as he had replied I will do the best I can, the bottom of her dress was hiked slightly up and his hand /fingers seemed to have made their way beneath!

Yes! she replied as the machine hit bonus. Others around simply smiled as she continued watching the free spins. However, from my vantage point I could see that her dress was now hiked up a bit higher, not exposing anything to anyone, yet I could see the nicely trimmed landing pad above her clean shaved ***** and "her boy" had one finger inserted into her wet *****!

It was then that is was clear to me that not only did she not have a bra on, she had no panties and was now being fingered by "her boy". I was confident that her yelling yes was now not solely due to the free spins which this time only numbered 6.

She looked over at me and smiled and I ensured that my attention remained above the bar top. Such to ensure that I did not make her feel uncomfortable should she suspect I noticed what was going on.

It was apparent that she was content in feeling that I hadn't seen the activity, yet I could see through the side of my eye that she had pulled her dress down but not removed his hand.

A few more spins and I continued to watch making sure that she didn't notice. She was leaning slightly towards him and smiled at me, noting that my cigarette smoke was going her way. I can stop I replied. No she said, you can enjoy your smoke, I too am enjoying myself.

At this time I noticed her hand was still on him, but what was strange was that I could not actually see her hand. With continued effort to see exactly where her hand was, I noticed a bit of skin on the side of his leg. Clearly he was wearing a pair of those sweats that not only have pockets, but designed with pockets that have an opening to allow access to pants beneath. Nevertheless, the view of skin indicated to me he had nothing on beneath.

She had just hit bonus, ten out of eight numbers on the keno game and had made some good money. I thought nothing of her comment to her "boy" as to I so owe you for your good luck. Opening her purse she pulled out some gum. Want some she offered both of us. No thank I replied. Sure he replied, after all you owe me.

She simply smiled, gave him some gum, slipped a piece in her mouth and pulled out some hand cream. Rubbing it on her hands she smiled at me, portraying she was simply doing the girl thing of keeping her hands soft. What she didn't know was that I noticed she did not rub the cream all the way in on the hand that was closest to him.

As she continued to use the hand closest to me to push the button and continue to play the game, she slipped her hand back in the opening of his sweats and clearly was rubbing him good.

After a few minutes she clearly brought him to climax as I watched his eyes roll into the back of his head and it was not from the alcohol. Can I get a napkin she asked. I still have some of this lotion on my hand and I don't want to get it on the machine. No problem one of the other bartenders replied as he handed her some napkins.

I watched as she wiped her hand and it was clear to me that it was not lotion that she was wiping off but instead that he had *** in her hand.

Adjusting himself he got up and said bathroom time for me! Innocently smiling my wife looked at me and said, I sure love you. Adding I am really having a good time tonight as she grabbed my package.

Thank you for encouraging me to come out and loosen up. With that the game ended, my team lost, yet my wife replied, let's go home and play, I will make you a winner! And so we did!
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Jan 22, 2013