My Dream With Will Ferrell And Jane Krakowski

Jane Krakowski and a few of her girl friends were with me sitting in a church building in the chapel. We were on the left hand side. Quite social but weren't paying much attention to anything else other than the fun we were having. Jane was looking for a new husband or boyfriend. I assumed she was single. She was sitting on my right and in between laughing and having fun I'd have some fun getting a little affectionate with her but when she realized I didn't want a romance with her she got a little unstable and removed herself from sitting with me. She did it before I could ask her why we couldn't have a little more fun getting close but not romantic. Obviously nothing sexual. Finally she setting back in her place and I realized I'd have to respect the distance she wanted to keep. By then Will Ferrell popped in. He did something brilliantly funny. I can't remember what it was because I only caught the tail end of it and laughed about it because of it's vibratory impact but didn't catch what it was. I gave him a high 5 and got a little excited and gave him a few more while he had his hand up. He was a little skeptical that I was the type of guy that would make a good acquaintance. I bet it's because I said something about someone else that didn't make him feel very good. I'm quite the loose cannon but if I say something about someone that's true then why not be on my side? I only say stuff about people that get angry at me for exposing corrupt stuff they should already be willing to expose. Violence and greed are my pet peves. Non-consensual sexual behavior is another category I can't ever support. If you have no problem with these then what do you have to fear?

Will went on to show me what looked like 6 Chinese scrolls. Not ancient scrolls maybe they are filled with his 6 core beliefs and guidelines? They looked like fake scrolls though like something that was made out of plastic rather than real materials. So I think he likes to believe in a fake religion. No worries. It's a rather halerious thing to think about. why do you think he's so funny? Because he's constantly in character.  You probably have to believe in a fake religion to be as funny as he is. I think he took a trophy from most of the places he used to live(LoL). Then he showed me some of his movie props. I tried to sift through them with my mind but got distracted. I couldn't see the verticoli.THE VERTICOLI!! WHERE'S THE VERTICOLI?? VERTICOY!!

update 5-26-2012
Jane showed me she's got a problem making wise choices. She was in front of a bar and asked people to move out of the way so she could go inside because she was pregnant. Jane come on. You can do better than that.

Will I'll try to make an effort to clean up my content that doesn't make you feel very good. You're my favorite comedian when it comes to the big screen.
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1 Response May 19, 2012

Ferrell has much to hide due to his genetics and indiscretions. That is why he hesitates.

yea ok