Back In Grade School

I wasn't a bed wetter. But I had my wetting problem as my mother called it.  I was made to wear diapers to bed, and when I stayed over at a friends house I always carried spares.

There was one girlfriend who wanted to know what it was like.  She put one of my diapers on, over her panty just like I did. I had to show/help her put it on.  Before we went to sleep we were told to use the toilet but neither of us actually did.  Just brushed our teeth and flushed the toilet for sound effects.

We lay talking until way late, in the same bed.  She said she had to pee bad but couldn't do it.  We sat and talked awhile longer. Now she was desperate but still couldn't pee.  I told her to go to the bathroom and sit on the toilet.  A few minutes later she returned walking carefully and sat back on the bed.  Then it was my turn, not to embarrass her, I also went to the toilet and emptied my bladder into my panties and diaper.  After that we cuddled a bit, whispering, and giggling softly until we fell asleep. 

In the morning we showered together and got dressed with both of us putting on panties and diapers.  I sure miss her.  She was a good friend.

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Sweet, innocent story of youth. I really like the way you write.

Wow, what a memorable experience, and what a brave and adventurous friend. It would have taken a lot to make me dare to share my pee exploration and play with anyone at that age, much as I longed to. It felt like such an embarrassing, private, inexplicably babyish thing to do. It was years before I realized anyone else was doing it too, and that was a very lonely thing. It would have been wonderful to have an experience like this.

Yes. You tell a good story, Rachel. i particularly like the schoolgirl stories.

Thanks Kenoath! That is a truly great compliment.<br />
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Hey, there is no reason you can't pretend. Put on a pair of panties, a slip and skirt, and have fun wetting. My other half does this and we both have a ball.

thats soooooo HOTT!!!