I Need One Right Now...

"I don't want to be judged anymore, I just want to be loved."

You know what, everyone but the lonely and proud....eff off and let me cry. Those who wanna just be alone to cry, come with me. Dark room, facial tissues and drugs of choice are right this way.

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
31-35, F
16 Responses Dec 4, 2009

I just want to curl up by a fire, with tissues, a warm blanket, a few pillos, a few of you ladies & of course bob & some alcoholic beverages..

therapists get paid to listen to our miserable drivel,friends take deep breaths and let us vent,listening because they care.priceless!

brokentearz - I know, and I think all the other respondents know that this is ONE way. Dub is right on. "Help"? Therapists blow.

:( hug

well,I have other methods of solving problems,good sir-but I am very grateful for the offers of comfort and empathy,I am also feeling much rejuvenated and like knowing of safe emotional havens.all are welcome here-no matter what baffling issues we drag in along with us...(wipes feet,decants the almontiado,and packs the chillum)

u need help thats not the only way to solve problems.

getting there hon ... the urge to cry has passed!

Of course, love. *kisses*<br />
I love y'all, is anyone feeling a bit better yet?

this...is...very...uplifting,gang...boohoohoo,my virtual heart bleeds(seriously,not being snide!)<br />
I have cried more in the last year than in the previous 10,stupid "growth experiences!"<br />
but I love life,and surprisingly,mysteriously,it'll love me back (when I often lest expect it...)<br />
I wish drugs didn't cheer me up,but dammit,just the thought is giving me that niiiice warm glow.<br />
sniffle,thanks for the tissues,my faraway friends.

Thanks TRW, I need a hug xxx

You are all welcome. *group hug without judgement*

can I come too? I cant stop crying tonight :(

sounds so tempting TRW ... save some tissues and drugs for me .... I'll be right over ...

I got the door. And an extra box of tissues (i think i have a lifetime supply lately) *hugs*

Awww *escapes into the darkness* *sniff LOVE, Kleenex and Drugs ALL AROUND!

*cries alone together, passing supplies* Cheers, lovely women. I just am a social isolate and it grinds so much today.