Still Smiling =)

I work in an office, you know the 8-5 M-F stereotype job.   But, we do like to laugh, have fun and play jokes.  Today our joke was on my best friend at work, my former co-worker.  My boss had his friend (John) in charge of our anniversary coming up this summer, e-mail her new boss and CC  how he needed her to work in July for our Anniversary.  Her boss politely replied he didn’t mind if she didn’t.  My friend replied…  “FU, I’m going to the beer gardens”  LOL!  Her boss replied…  “The beer gardens right next door can’t you do both?”  Her reply “I suppose I could multi-task” the conversation went on.. and when we went out for our walk.. she was beginning to question if they were serious and really, really did want her to work.  Of course I’m encouraging her too since I have to work during it.  Which starts a new conversation how we can volunteer to work the same shifts and we can be at the beer gardens while everyone is working….  Finally when my boss was going to leave for the day, I told him he needed to tell her the truth, so, she wasn’t worrying all weekend.  When I came back from lunch, I had the e-mails of correspondence between them… and what is my bosses final words..  “Yes you can go to the beer gardens… but, no beer gardens for hoping1day!”
That finalized that conversation, but, a new joke had begun on new people about certain models for the retro clothing…  in lieu of one couple still wearing their same clothes from the 80’s.  John came upstairs and my faithful co-worker (newbie)… tells him that I secretly want to model, but, I’m too shy…  my response… no beer gardens.. no modeling!  LOL!

hoping1day hoping1day
41-45, F
Jun 24, 2011