Would anyone say they don't like to have fun? Are there some people that like to sit in their caves and brood all day?

ANYWAY.... I like to have fun! Though I'm sure my idea of fun isn't the same as most.

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Damn, presumptuous much, ELFINSONG? <br />
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kleisse: check out the book "House of Leaves" by Mark Z. Danielewski. It's easily one of the greatest pieces of modern American Fiction.<br />
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There's nothing wrong with finding interest in psychopathic figures...just so long as you don't idolize them...I dated a girl once who told me she had a thing for Charles Manson. When I asked her what about him she found so interesting, she said, "I don't really know...he was just a really cool, influential guy." I broke up with her within a week.

I think pretty much anyone can misinterpret what you say. Maybe you don't put things in a way that's easy to understand? Or think it's simple to you but it isn't really? It can't always be her fault...

Well. Are you a socialist or a communist? Thanks, I'm very happy you think I'm like your wife. I assume you do not like your wife very much by saying that to me? smiles.

I do not have anger issues. I was insulted. You could have said, "Why do you find them interesting?" instead of asking whether I was a socialist or a communist. I have to continue studying for a test, anyway. Goodnight.

By assuming I'm either a socialist or a communist and I have no idea about American politics? Nice. <br />
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I find Hitler and Stalin interesting because they are not normal. Simple as that. (Do not say, "Well, define normal." I will tell you right now we created what is "normal" as a basis to judge men like these two.)

Are you serious? Just because I read about them doesn't mean I agree with either one or not know what's going on in my own country.

Hitler and Stalin, mainly. I like a lot of non-fiction but I also have a place in my heart for King and Crichton. Anything that won't eat me - dogs, hamsters, bunnies, horses. Wolves and bears - not so much.

I like to read... and sit with animals...