Great Squirter

So first story I've ever written but tonight I was fortunate enough to go on a date with a cute little 20 year old we'll call Amanda. Her and I went to a casual dinner, normal chatting, kind of both hinted at being horny and what not. Afterwards she agreed to go smoke in a scenic area i knew of nearby. There we smoked on the hood of my car for a while, listening to music, hanging out. While on the hood she made the comment,"I can never tell if i need to pee or I'm horny". At that point I knew we'd hook up but i had no idea what was coming. We both kissed and felt eachother out for a few minutes. Then I took her **** out and started sucking them while she took off her shorts. As I was fingering her I noticed her getting really wet. I made my way down and started to eat her dripping *****. After a few moments of this she pulled back and asked if it was okay if she squirted. I pulled her from her *** back into my face and sucked on her **** as her warm juices flowed. She was so turned on bucking her hips on the truck hood, moaning so loud i thought our secluded area might not be secluded enough. After sucking her dry, her and I ******, and afterwards I again ate her out and this time sat back and fingered her **** to watch her ***** gush. One of the hottest experiences of my life.
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1 Response Sep 25, 2012

Sweet! I have a GF who is a squirter and I just love it!!!