Oh Yes.

A few years ago a few of my friends were visiting us on vacation. I had just purchased a new little vibrator that was totally silent. I did this because my wife loves to use a vibrators but are too loud  when other people are visiting. We grilled out and played beer pong until the wee hours. We were all absolutely smashed. My wife was the only female there and was wearing a cute little sun dress, you could she her thong line from the back and the was showing a ample amount of cleavage. We went inside to watch tv as my wife cleaned up. My friends couldn't take there eyes off my wife, without even trying she had gotten the four of us pretty excited. We continued to watch tv as my wife went to the bedroom and came out in a night shirt with her nipples blazing. She announced she was going to bed and hugged my friends good night and asked them if they had everything they needed for bed. . About ten minutes later my one friend grabbed another round and stated how sexy my wife was the other guys agreed. they all said that she was one of their favorite chicks and they had all thought about her when they jerked off.I told him that if he was quiet he could probably see her naked on the way to the bathroom. I went and checked for my buddies and sure enough my wife was laying in bed naked sheets down to her knees. But she wasn't asleep, she was pulling her nipple and rubbing her vibrator on her ****. she heard me at the door and whispered that she heard what my friends had said about her and it got her really horny. I asked if it would be ok if she gave them something to really jerk off to. She agreed and I told her to continue what she was doing. I went back to the living room. One of my friends was passed out but the other two guys were still awake. I said that I had bad news, the wife was still awake. good news she wants to show us something in the bedroom. we all went to the bedroom door and they saw her rubbing her **** against the silent humming vibrator. My buddies froze in their tracks. I explained that we could get closer and watch but we had to do what she wanted and nothing else. They agreed and we lined up beside her and watched as she looked at us as we watched her pleasure herself like a **** star. We were all rubbing our dicks as she said we needed to ***** and jerk, It took about 3 seconds for all of us to get naked. My wife looked my 2 buddies up and down, I do have to admit I'm glad I had the biggest **** in the room. She said we all could *** together. We were all pulling our dicks looking at my wife as she worked her vibrator over her ****, running it over her nipples. She then moved to the side of the bed and spread her legs up so we had a perfect front view of her ***** that now gapped open ever so slightly. her lips were milky with her *** as my first buddy started to moan and ***. My wife began to moan louder when she saw the first guy ***. she rolled her hips so my other friend could see her ***** slowly dripping her cummy lips as she increased the vibrators speed. he was beating his **** furiously eyes fixed on my wife' soaking *****. I couldn't hold out much longer and judging by my wifes noises she wasn't going to last much longer either. I stepped closer to my wife and she gave my *** a hard slap. with my knee on the bed I sprayed *** all over her **** and stomach. As she rubbed it into her stomach my friend gave out a loud moan and leaned against the wall as he shot big globs of ***** all over his stomach and chest. As the guys walked out to clean themselves up my wife told them she hoped this helped them get off for the next few years.
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Very hot story, why has no one else seen this?

thanks I hope more people do. it was a pretty good evening