I Love To Have My Blood Sucked.

First time it happened, I'd just fed of my boyfriend.  We were lying in my bed and he told me he wanted to try my blood [I'd gotten him into drinking his own blood a few months before.]

I thought, Well, might as well, since he lets me feed off him.

I grabbed the small knife we used to cut ourselves and made a small cut on my arm.  He took it and started to feed off me.

It felt so good, I didn't realise how good it felt for someone to feed off me until he did it. 

When he finished he told me that my blood tasted brilliant, even better than his own [I said the same thing about his blood.]

Since then we've been feeding off each other and ourselves.  And him feeding off me still feels as good as it did he first time!!!

GothicGirl10 GothicGirl10
18-21, F
Feb 20, 2010