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My Teacher Touched My Boobs

i love have my boobs felt and when i was at scholl there was one of my teachers than liked to keep me behind. He would tell me to tidy his storeroom and rub himself against me until one day i told him he could feel my boobs if he wanted. he was shocked but obviously keen. he didn't answer so i took off my tie and opened my shirt. He put his shaky hand inside and i closed my eyes as he squeezed my bra. Ever since then he would undo the buttons himself and after a while he went inside my bra, it was nice and the groping made me feel close to him.
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I love having that done

I love having that done

In high school one of my teachers hugged me touching my *** then stepped a way looked at me, came in closer, put one hand up my skirt, touching my young ***** while groping one of my breast before giving me a tongue kiss. It happened so fast. I was wet, confused and flattered. In retrospect I liked what happened.

Like your idea of bonding :)