My Blouse Tailor

once i had to go a party and i bought a new saree but did not have a matching blouse. i went to one of my friend and she toold me about a new tailoring mart near the city center and suggested to go there. i wanted to wear a low neck blouse with backless patern, and i did not want to wear a bra under it. well i decided to go there. after 2 days i went there. it was verybig mart with 3 floors and there was a guy very muscular and around 38 yrs of age was standing there. i went and said about stitching my blouse and gave him few of my blouse for measurement. and told him about the pattern and also told him i will not wear anything under. and he smiled. but he said " madam it is difficult to get perfect measurement from blouse" and he started taking it with me. i took my pallu down of my salwar suit and it was low neck so half of my boobs were infront of him moving up and down as i was breathing heavilyand i noticed he touched me 5 times on boobs and once on nipples.
he told me it will be ready in 4 days. and one thing also i noticed while he was taking measurement he crossed me few times and i felt his **** on my waist. and it was rock hard. i came back home and strted thinking about it. i went to him after 4 days and gave me one of the blouse and told me that i can try if i wish. i went to room near by and toom my top off and i was not wearing any bra under. blouse was real low neack as my 60 % breast were visible. i came out as it is and asked him how is it? he came to me and pulled the blouse down a bit and my pink line of nipple was visible and said madam now its good. he gave me another blouse to try but this time i did not move and turned around, toook my blouse off and asked for second one.h came in front of me and i put on of my hand on my breast and took the blouse. he went on my back and started squeezing my melons so badly and i wanted this actually. he took me in room and toom my skirt out. he was also in underwear. i took his **** in my hand and started sucking it while he was rubbing my nipples so hard and i was moaning and breathing so heavily. after 20 mins sucking he laid me down and spread my leg and put his 9 " **** on my **** hole. which was juicy already and gave a big jerk i started crying but later it was bit relaxed and he ****** me for next half an hour. i wore my cloths and left the shop.
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How I wish I was that tailor. Hot story. Would like to be added.

How I wish to be this woman.

U r really awesome..
I like sexy woman like u

its fake story actually its ur fantacy thts ok v can understand but atleast be aware when u r faking the story use logic..first of all u said u woring salwar then u say u moved ur pallu then u say he took ur skirt out decide what u r wering first n do the tailor get time to book room in mart ha ha ha n dnt hv other clients except you..but its okk nice story

Enjoyed reading your story. True or false .. it doesn't matter. You have a talent for writing. Write some more stories and let me know. Would like to be added.

I don't think its true. It's fantasy of the lady.

thats awful.

Like it when you get all wet


nice story

Naughty girl, I wish I could sew something for you too :D

hey u indian ri8???

gv me a chance

Awesome I should have been a tailor. Lol


very sexy... Makes me want to work in a woman's clothing store...

u r story is so sexy........<br />
i can chat with u like u r story...if u want

Very nice, both of you , though one can't believe it was really 9" . You should have used the tailor's tape to measure it!!!!!!

It must not have been an Indian man - or at least he was a very, very extraordinarily endowed Indian man. They are well-known for having smaller than average (globally) penises. So it seems you one the lottery, dear woman!