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I Let My Sister's Husband Feel My Boobs

My sister and I are like opposites. She takes after my Dad's side of the family. She is tall and slim with shortish blonde hair and although we have the same eyes I am short and more curvy with long dark hair. I keep my fingernails long and polished and like to wear high heels and stockings. My sister dresses more casual but is a very attractive young woman. She is two years younger than me but her husband is a few years older. I have to say I don't really get on with him. He is not my type at all. He is short and stocky with receeding hair and an unattractive face. He is also ignorant and rude and therefore the type of man I would avoid. Anyway my sister loves him and recently she was in my home and drinking with me. It was late on and we were both tipsy when she started to cry. The tears rolled down her cheeks as she explained that her husband rarely shows her any affection and that they haven't had sex at all since the birth of the second child almost a year ago. I felt for her. She seemed lost and unable to find a way to get her man into bed. Eventually I agreed to have a talk with him. He was made redundant and out of work he was at home most days looking after their kids. On Wednesdays his mum looked after the kids leaving him free to  look for a job but he wasn't getting anywhere. I guessed the lack or employment was a major factor and maybe looking after children and also the fact that my sister's body was still recovering from carrying a child were the reasons why he wasn't satisfying he needs. It took me a year to get my figure back so I understood but I needed him to know how it was affecting her. I took Wednesday off work and sent to see him at home. The brute of a man was slouched on his sofa. The house was a mess and there was no sign of him moving from daytime TV to get himself a job. I sat down next to him and he stared at the TV so I grabbed the remote and switched it off. He seemed appalled at this until he turned to me and saw what I was wearing. I had on a little black dress which was short and low cut at the front. His gaze landed right in my cleavage. I asked him a few questions about sex and his body seemed to enjoy this. He sat upright and fixed himself as he continued to stare at my chest. I asked him how often he *********** and he snorted with a laugh. I could see this was amusing him but also arousing him. I watched the bulge in his sweat pants expand as I mentioned sex. His eyes wandered over me gently and carefully examining the skin on display. His body slowly bucked upwards and towards me when I asked if he liked getting blow jobs. I could see that me being there and talking in this way was getting him more aroused than perhaps he had been in months and I wanted to build that up within him for my sister so I just said, 'Do you want to touch my boobs?' He had been staring at them so I figured he would say yes. He did and I pulled my dress down to show him my sexy lingerie. He set his right hand onto my left boob and gently massaged it. I set my hand onto his bulge and remarked on how hard it was. He told me he would rarely even get a hard on these days so I slipped my hand inside his sweat pants and grabbed it. 'Well it's very very hard now' I said. He told me I made him hard and he asked me to take off my bra. I said he could take it off if he wanted so he leaned into me and reached around my back. Our faces were so close I could feel his breath on my mouth. I thought he was going to kiss me so I moved my head to the side. His breath was on my neck and in my ear. It made me horny. He removed my bra and spent some time examining my breasts and playing with my nipples. I kept my hand on his **** just lightly feeling it and his balls. I didn't want to stroke it and make him *** just keep it hard. This went on for some time and he sucked and licked both my nipples. I didnt and I don't fancy my sister's husband but I was very very aroused by the way he sucked my nipples and I really enjoyed playing with his **** until I decided to stop. I stood up and dressed again. I asked him to think about my **** and keep thinking about them until my sister got home and I made him promise not to jerk off. 

It worked! My sister called me that night and said, 'I dunno what you said to him but we had sex tonight and it was amazing.' She asked me to come round again the week after and I agreed. I knew he enjoyed my **** but I wanted him to feel other parts of me because my sister is smaller chested and I didn't want that to put him off so I wore a very very short skirt and a high neck top. He greeted me at the door wearing only a pair of shorts. I never noticed his tattoos before. They were kinda sexy. I slid my hands over them as he closed the door and told me I had very sexy hands. My nails were painted bright red. He told me he couldn't stop thinking about my hands on his **** so I set my hand onto his shorts and gave him a little run as we stood in the hallway. He groped my **** over my top and told me he ****** my sister but was thinking about my **** the whole time. He leaned in to kiss me but I turned away and he kissed my neck. I was panting and so was he. Things were getting steamy so I asked him to take me upstairs and lie down on the bed with me. We lay there looking at each other and chatting. I slid my hand up and down his arm, over his shoulders, and down his chest. His hand enjoyed my legs, feeling them from ankle to thigh and each time grabbing at my ***. He told me I had a great body and sexy legs. I could feel his hairy legs rubbing against mine and I liked it. I knew it was wrong. I knew I didn't fancy him but letting him touch me made me horny. I let men touch me when I'm drunk and out in bars but this was different. We were both sober and knew it was wrong. He asked to see my **** but I said, 'not today' he tried to kiss me again but I moved away. His body was moving over onto me and I fell onto my back. His hand slid onto my panties and started rubbing me between the legs. 'Why didn't you take my knickers off?' I asked and his face lit up. He slid down my body and took my panties off. He played with my legs and inner thighs before opening my ***** lips and fingering me. My body squirmed on the bed. He asked if he could lick me and I said yes but his technique was poor so I showed him what to do and after a bit of fumbling he managed to give me a great ******. Later he tried it on my sister and she was overwhelmed. I figured my work was done but she begged me to come back and spend more time with him.

I knew that things would eventually come to a head between us so I agreed. I figured he would want to see me naked so when I arrived I asked if I could go upstairs and get into bed and if he could come up a few minutes later. He said yes like a panting puppy and off I went. I took off all my clothes and slipped under the covers in the spare bed. I had stayed there a few times with my husband and even had sex there once. My sister's husband walked into the room and saw me lying there. He started to undress. I watched him removing his t-shirt and then his socks and shorts. He is not an attractive man but he did have a reasonable body and a lovely **** so when he went to get under the covers I stopped him. I told him to remove his briefs. He seemed a bit reluctant so I whipped the blanket off me and said, 'If I'm naked you have to be too.' he smiled and took off his underwear. It was the first time I'd seen his **** without an erection and he wasn't circumcised like my husband. He was hairy too, very hairy. My husband is always neatly shaved and is circumcised. I have to admit that it turned me on because it wasn't my husband's and it was so different that I wanted it so I sat up and crawled over towards it. I reached up with one hand as he stood there at the side of the bed and I started to play with his ****. His hands ran over my shoulders and grabbed at my **** whilst mine played with his balls and stiffening ****. I pulled the skin back to expose the knob and started licking it like a lolly pop. As I moved my hand back and forth his foreskin moved up over his knob then back down to expose it. It was fun playing with it until it was rock hard again and I started sucking. I forgot what I was there to do  and ended up sucking and sucking until I felt it jerk in my mouth. He came into my mouth and it was vile. I spat his *** out onto his t-shirt that was laid on the floor and he apologised. I realised then I had gone too far and my mission l leaving him frustrated had failed. I lay back onto the bed and he fell onto me. His **** rubbed against my clitoris and my pelvis moved up and down towards it. I was horny. Then he kissed me. I had prevented him from kissing me before but I was so horny I lost control. I had to close my eyes because he was even less attractive up close but his wet kiss drove me insane with the need to be ******. The missing became more and more passionate and his hands reached round and grabbed my bum. His whole weight was on me and I love the feeling of being trapped under a man. The kissing them became frantic as I released the inner lust and animal instinct. I reached between my legs and pushed his soft **** into my *****. I was soaking wet so it went in easy and stiffened again inside me. He had wanted to **** me for ages so when his **** was inside he took control and started to really buck me. I have never been bucked that hard and I felt it shoving into me like a fist. It was amazing. My body was shoved up the bed as he ****** and ****** me. His hands grabbed my **** hard and I became aggressive. I nearly bit his lip. He ****** my body the way it was meant to be ****** and I grabbed the bed sheets in my hands as I made fists. Pulling away from my mouth he let me breath in and them on the way out I groaned, '******* hell' He pulled my hair making my head roll back and he sunk his teeth into my neck. The frustration of the previous weeks boiled over and we went at each other like animals but careful not to make any marks. He yanked on my hair again and it was painful but I liked it. He bit my ear and I nibbled his. He spoke into my ear telling me I was a ******* ride and he was gonna **** the life out of me. We rolled about like wrestlers on that bed throwing away the pillows and frantically pulling and clawling at each other until he said he was gonna ***. I pushed him off and he lay next to me. I was on my back and he was leaning into me. I reached down and jerked his **** as he kissed me hard and squeezed my **** really hard. '*** all over me' I said. '*** over my ****.' He moved up my body and started using his own hand to jerk his **** until he exploded all over me. I love hot *** on my skin. 'We really shouldn't have done that' I said. 'I wanna do it again' he said. I told him he would have no *** left for my sister. He told me it was the best sex he ever had. I must say it was rough, it was dirty, it was passionate, and I really enjoyed it but I preferred sex with my husband. After all he wasn't really the type of man I would have ever had sex with but I did want it to happen again. We lay together naked and I let him kiss me more, a lot more. We missed more than we spoke and he touched every single inch of my body over and over again. He was hard again when I finally said I had to go home. He begged me to stay and **** again but I said no. He asked if I would be back next week and I said, 'better not.' We had taken things too far and I didn't want an affair. He understood and my sister's sex life has improved since then. They have sex at least once a week now and he licks her out sometimes too. If it wasn't for her Nicci Greene books she would've gone insane during the time of no sex but as most women know a Nicci Greene book can give you ******* over and over and over again but every so often you need to feel a **** in your hands, a knob in your mouth and a **** deep inside you just to feel alive.
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That was a wonderful thing you did for your sister - good on you!!

I wish my girlfriend's sister was like that, she has a beautiful set of boobs.

I fucket all three of my sister in laws , I spew more ***** in them than in my wife, but my wife has been fucket by her coworkers on a few occasions.

You have an interesting family!

Such a helpful sister!

you're very helpful indeed and your writing is great


I touched my Sister in Laws magnificent breasts with my elbow my **** was rock hard and my wife was sitting on the backseat of the car she did not move and I moved my elbow in circle motion so she would know I touched her in purpose . Do you think she might allow me to **** her? I want her soooooo bad.

I don't want to be a stick in the mud, but if I ever found out my sister slept with my husband I don't think I could ever forgive her. Talking is one thing, but sex is a whole other ball game!

but i want her so bad

so hot add me please

you are sweet

Congrats, you're a ******* *****.

wow sooooooooooo hot add me please

If i had a sister in law like you!!!!!!!!!!

Actually i have a sexy sister in law. She always wear short dress in front of me but I never saw her boobs. She used to wear only thong or g-string in bed that i gave her as a gift. She want to show me with wearing them but her sister never like it. My wife is 143 lbs and her sis is 110 lbs. We haven't had sex at all since almost two years. I agreed with your thought when I saw my sister in law in very sexy revealing cloths I felt getting Hot. I can't tell my sister in law to give me a *******. I know she is better **** sucker than her sister.

So generous... i bet he was amazingly thankful...

Naughty sister-in-law! I loved the story!

Great stories. Please add me.

Lucky brother in law. Nothing wrong with ******* him as long as it is just sex and nothing more. Variety is good I always say ;)

Nice story, would you add me as a friend, I would like to better see what he saw.

That was the best story I have read in a long time! Really well done!

Suck my dik

Wow that was hot

What a hot story! Gives me the shivers! *S*

Great story it is a pity I never had a sister-in-law. Looks like I missed out. Keep writing

How what a great read!

that was hot as ****!

Absolutely love that story! Have you done anything with him since then?

Please add me

friend me

U r amazing wife and sister. They both lucky to have u. Please please add me!!!

Can add me as friend?

What a great read!! Some of that rang close to my fantasies bout my sis in law, which Is so wrong, but inmymind it is so very good

Wow...what an amazing story. I loved how you worked that body.

You are so nice but still very naughty. It seems you know how to seduce your brother in law and it's great this helped your sisters sex life

very nice