Sensitive Nipples

I have big boobs and nipples. My nipples are very sensitive and I love having them touched. I love going braless and having the feeling of my nipples rubbing against my clothes as I move. Last summer I was sitting in the beer garden of a local pub waiting to meet my friend, she was late as usual! It was a warm day and I was wearing a slightly sheer white sundress and no bra and I knew that my dark brown nipples could be seen through the material. The thought that people could see my nipples excited me. My friend phoned to say she was delayed and would be at least another half hour, so I stood up and walked towards the pub to go and get a drink. As I was walking I could feel my nipples stiffening as ther rubbed against my dress. By the time I came back and sat down again they were enormous and I didn't try to hide them! A slightly older man was sitting on the next table and he couldn't take his eyes of them and after a few minutes I could see the effect they were having on him in his tight jeans! This turned me on so much and all I could think about was his mouth sucking on my nipples. I adjusted my dress so that one of my nipples slightly poked out of the top of my dress.his eyes nearly popped out of his head! I beckoned him over and he was there like a shot! He discretely started touching my nipples through the dress and within seconds I was turned on and could feel a damp patch in my knickers. He now had a huge erection. We both knew we had to do something about it! We went to my car and I drove is a quiet country lane. As I was driving he had hid hand inside the top of my dress rolling my nipples between his fingers and he undid his jeans as by this time he was in some discomfort!
We parked up and he slowly peeled the dress from my shoulders letting my huge boobs free and began to suck on one nipple while fondling the other. This brought me to instant ******! We got out of the car and I lay face down on the bonnet of the car and he took me from behind, my nipples rubbing on the car bonnet. It wasnt the longest session I have ever had as he was so aroused already but it was one of the best!
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Wheres the pub ? 😜

wao. i need to find you. i would love to suck a lady while she is driving at wheel. hope i did not get caught.

hot story love it

Nice, thanks for sharing

Nice !

Would luv a encounter like that! That is hot! :)

I love a woman who is proud of her breasts and admires having them admired!

luv sucking on nipples

me too anyway enough about I'm here to please your nipples !

What a sexy lady

wow....that is so hot

OMG! I just shot a huge load. send me pics.



nice :) .. shucks can now see the positive sides of drinking ;)

Enjoyed this; it was great. Thanks!

Wow what a lucky man.

That is so perfect

good story ,,, ! ! !

Good story. Thank you. I love ANR so relating to this is wonderful

Love that, lucky guy.

Lucky me too! He was a nipple lover!

Yes I do from nipple play, but anal penetration does nothing for me I am afraid!

I do have very intense ******* from nipple arousal!!

Do you not do it to your wife?

Mine are very sensitive, the more nipple play the better for me!

Yes I can and I love hearing what my photos do to men!

I think you should explain to your wife the effect that a lot of nipple play has on you. She will benefit in the end as it makes for a far better sex life!

And take some photos, she will love it! Good luck!!

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misty i was actually aroused by your story, i had to adjust myself a couple times as i read it, i bet the heat on the cars bonnet against your those nice big boobs felt good as he took you from behind, i would love it if you would add me so that i may see more from you thanks

Don't just adjust yourself!

luv all your pics and your stories

more please
simply wonderful

kitty kisses and suckles 4 your milk

ideal hot lady, every one want on his bed

Wonderful story. I love ladies with large natural breasts and a huge turn on is braless ladies in public. I would love to see you in that sheer top braless!

niceeeeeeeeee.....forcing me to do masterbat

WOW. Great story. My nipples are so sensative too. I love to have them sucked or touched or brushed by in passing.


I know, aren't nipples fantastic!

yess! ;)

Wonderful misty

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Well I think he enjoyed it!

wow very hot thanks for sharing


Wow, I must start drinking in the pubs near you !!!

Lovely story. I have very small **** but my nipples are super sensitive.

Nipples are great arent they! I love mine played with, sucked, nibbled etc

do they lactate??

Not now, they did for 12 years until I stopped last yeR

sounds like 12 wonderful years. mmmmhm

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Wow what a fantastic story! You are a woman of my dreams!

<p>Me being a BOOB lover, any girl who has a boob as her profile pic, is OK in my book. Can I kiss them?? Add me. thanks<br />

mm i wish it was me...that had you on the bonnet of your car...

Wow that's a hot story!

how would you like a younger man play with your supple breasts and perky nipples???

Very hot, thank you for sharing.

As you can guess from my profile name I have a preference for delicious boobs. You can imagine that I'd LOVE to be in place of that guy, I hope I wouldn't be as obvious in looking at your breasts, but I sure would get very excited. I'd LOVE to worship your breasts for extended time and making you ****** over and over from breast play. After that I'd LOVE to please you orally for several more ******* and once you can't take it anymore I'd **** you as hard as I can from behind !
I am curious if you finally arrived after your friend her for the meeting and if she noticed anything after that short but so pleasurable session :)

your sexual pleasure are mostly focused on breasts and that is wonderful that you get so much satisfaction from it! love breasts! I also like foot fetish as foreplay and in this way I understand your exterem passio with your breasts!

Very hot story. Loved it