Nipple Tugging

I have always loved breast play, but always by my partner. I recently discovered its almost as good if I play with them myself. So when I'm really horny, usually from looking at all these sexy pics on ep, I pop out my boobs and start tugging on my nipples. Damn does that get me wet and swollen. I've even found that I like licking my own nipples too. Can't believe it's taken me this long to figure it out... I think I'll go play with them now ;)
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11 Responses Aug 9, 2013

Yes I've realised how good tugging on my nipples is and turn myself on more than my husband does, mind you his is quite good at licking and sucking them but some of my female 'friends' are better.
Never been able to lick my nipples, either **** to small or tongue not long enough LOL

Sounds like u have a lot of fun. Do you like to show off your ******* to old guys?

I am ready and willing to offer my services.

Mmmm, very hot, may I watch or assist?

Hmmmmm love nipple play too....not mine but ones like yours ;-)

Love my nipples pinched... I keep clothespins just for that ;-)

I like tugging and licking

better late then ever , and then doing it yourself you can modulate the pressure and pleasure ............ cheers

mmm...yum..yum... ; )

I'm generally very helpful when you need extra help lets know

I love your story and I like tugging on my nipples, too. The results are exactly as you described ... Mmmm!