I Love When They Peek!!

     When my husband had been together for awhile, but not married yet, he would always tell me how he LOVED getting peeks at my breasts. He'd buy me tops that gave him that wish. He'd literally beg on his knees when we went grocery shopping to wear something so went I emptied the basket at the cashier, he got to see my **** when I bent over. When I would ask him to come with me, he'd say, "If you wear something hot!".
     At first it was uncomfortable thinking everyone could see, and I tried to watch how I moved. When I saw the reaction from my boyfriend, , and how horny that got him, he didn't have to beg when we went out.
   As time went on, I would get braver, and wear more daring shirts. My hubby LOVES when I wear short crop tops, and I've noticed, so do other guys. While shopping I'd purposely reach high up to get something and watch guys stop in their tracks as the crop top went up showing my boobs. As the years went by, the excitement is still incredible. I work out and my breasts are still perky, and thanks to good genes, haven't sagged to my knees.
     I love when guys try everything to look down my shirt without being obvious, and I make it seem like I don't realize they can see. 

This was at a wedding. I really should have worn a strapless bra.  Oops!!!
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No, yopu look great!!! You needed to pass out kleenex for all the guys crying that night because they were not going to be riding on and playing with your puuuuuuurfect breasts!!!
BTW, I would love to suck on those cute nipples!!

Damn!!!! I get hard every time I see your DB (down blouse)!! You are amazing!!! Thank you!!!

No you should not have!!! There is nothing sexier than a good DB (down Blouse)! BTW they don't count unless you see the nipple. Yours are beautiful!!!

In the process of convincing & begging my GF to wear more crop tops, sheer clothing without a bra. Baby steps :) so far bra hooks are off and she only doing it at home.


You are so much fun. You put more smiles on people the. You know. And then the guys go home and guck their wives and think of you. Perfect

ohhhh no u shouldnt wear a bra... its perfect

It's not nice to be so much hotter than the bride at a wedding. :)

I've never been brave enough to attempt this. Since I was already a D-cup in 8th grade, I was way too self-conscious about my boobs, sure that people would think I was trashy or slutty if I did the slightest thing that might draw more attention to them than they go on their own. As I became an adult, I learned that the lingerie industry really didn't think I'd WANT to feel sexy or wear pretty things to display my breasts; women's larger sized bras were NOT anything beyonda white engineering project, until relatively recently! Now that I'm older, I still think more people see me as gross/trashy if I were to go braless; being a 36G, they're not exactly "perky," though in better shape than most big-breasted women my age with natural breasts.

You're as beautiful as you think you are!!!

Not quite that easy. People are very judgemental. A female with natural, large breasts will MOSTLY be viewed by other people (in this scenario) as being slutty/trashy, long before someone with less obvious gifts.

Great story followed by an even better picture. Red hot picture if you ask me. <br />
<br />
Sound like you're a lot of fun. My wife is like you - she likes to wear the innocent-appearing tops, but then lean over at the right angle to give guys looks down her top. Or she'll wear the button up that gaps a lot, then make certain she sits beside the guy she wants to tease.

It is a treat to get a visual treat from a sexy woman....like you