I Love To See The Wonder In The Eyes Of My Beholder ~

Some may think it's the size of them ~36DDD or the Realness ~of these sweet darlings of mine who help me feel like a Goddess of Love~For e it's the sensations ~ the feelings of longing ~THEN CONNECTION ~that makes my breast worthy of worship~I've fed lovers from these breasts and the connection ~the pure intimacy ~Undeniably~ Bliss~
StellarF StellarF
31-35, F
7 Responses May 14, 2012

...my 9 incher wants to worship your 36DDD's !!!

yes nothing comes close to seeing the look on the face of the person nursing on you.

As a breastman I really enjoyed your story and would love to learn more. Your curves deserve attention all night long. Mmmm

They must be amazing. Worship would be the most natural reaction.

If only I wasn't lactose intolerant... *sigh*

Thank you for the nice comment Love~Do you travel?

Those DDDs sound worthy of adoration, indeed... Would love to worship them and show you what they do to me.