Small and Sensitive

I've always been small on top. At one point I kind of entertained the idea of breast implants. It seemed like everyone I knew either had them, had plans to get them, or wanted them. For me it wasn't about wanting to be bigger, it was more about wanting to be able to fill out my bras, bikinis, halter tops, etc. I hated going shopping. It made me feel like I was the only woman in the world left with small boobs.

One of the main reasons I never seriously considered implants was the fear of losing sensation...and of course the fact that I'd never go through such a major surgery just to alter my cup size.

My breasts, especially my nipples are hyper-sensitive. They respond to everything...temperature, the slightest touch, even dirty thoughts. I LOVE having my breasts played with....soft touches, firm squeezes, all of it. My nipples love to be stimulated even more than my boobs, especially with a warm, moist mouth and tongue. It makes me crazy with want and need...creates a deep ache right between my legs ;).

During my period (yes, I'm going THERE), they actually get bigger...almost a cup size bigger. They're heavier and rounder and really nice. Unfortunately they're also way too sore to be touched....even by me :( Some kind of crazy karmic joke I guess. haha ;D

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I would love to spend hours licking and sucking your nipples. feed them to me darling

Never, ever consider breast enhancement!!! :)

There is nothing sexier than a cut little pair, with sensitive nipples. I find large, floppy breasts are definitely NOT a turn on for me and, I suspect, many men :)

Wonderful post/ thank you for sharing. From a mans perspective: it is sad so many women resort to surgery on their breasts. All my life I have longed for a partner who's breasts are a source of pleasure for her-regardless of size

Thank you. And I am seeing a comeback in more natural looking breasts.... I think implants used to be more popular than they are now, and I'm grateful mine are what they are :) xo

add me pls

thank you for reading :)

Anytime you feel like commencing a worship service, please let me know ;-) lol

I've heard a lot of men say more than a handful or mouthful is enough, depending on who says it. So, lots of men out there that appreciate small breasted women. I'm on the opposite end...36 dd. If I could, I'd give you some of mine.

aw...sweet of you to offer, lol :). You know when I was kind of wanting implants I kept thinking surely one day they'd come up with a procedure using real donor breast tissue instead of silicone or saline.... I know I'd feel better having something natural as opposed to artificial. I have learned to love my small boobs, but sometimes I still get frustrated when shopping...some things just look better on when you can fill them out! lol

In some ways us larger breasted have the same issue. Some of those little cute tops look classy yet sexy on small breasted women. When someone like me puts it on, everything is popping out and I look like I belong on a street So, it goes both ways.

I hear you...I guess it's the nature of "you always want what you don't have" lol. If I'm being honest, I'd take my barely A's over DD's any day. I have friends with large breasts and some of them suffer back pain, have difficultly running or doing other physical activities. Just like with everything, there are pros and cons to both. I guess the key is loving yourself no matter what you have :) Thanks for reading and for the kind comments sweetie. xo

I so get how u feel. I was the same way for a long time. Unlike u, i did get mine done and i absolutely love them. In fact, they seem to be more sensitive now than before. And having them touched, omg sooooo good. And the fun things i can wear its so fun. Oh, and i NEVER wear a bra!

I'm really glad they're working out for you. I have seen some VERY nice, natural-looking fake ones....makes me a bit envious I must admit, lol. I still have many moments I wish I were a bit bigger, but for me, the cons are greater than the pros. Just out of curiosity, can I ask what you were before and what you are now? :) I'd want just a full B...which it's kind of silly to go thru such a surgery for a B cup. LOL

small before prob full A. Now im a standard 34D. Sounds big but not really. They are amazing and very natural looking. Best thing i ever did. They are so fun and guys just love them! Such a turn on :)

I think it really depends on your frame. On me 34D would be HUGE, but I'm small-statured. May I ask if you went with silicone or saline? I had a friend who had saline first, then got silicone....huge difference in feel. LOL. If you were standing in front of me I might be so bold as to ask to see and feel them! I'm glad you love them, I'm sure I would too, lol, and I can only imagine how much men love them too. Keep enjoying yourself sweetie and thanks for being so candid with me! xo

saline. And my frame is very small as well, but im kinda tall. And i wld let u take a feel, they r so nice :)

lol, I'm kind of short...I'd be boobs on legs! haha. And thanks for the feel! ;D

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Small breasts do have BIG advantages....
Being able to be braless and not have to worry about it!
Sensitive nipples are good to... can you ****** from just nipple stimulation?

Small breasts are so much more sexier!

OK, so, right now, I'm having serious dirty thoughts about your lovely, perky, delicious nips and mounds, are they responding?

Is not the size, but your attitude. And you sound like you have a sexy attitude . . .

thanks sweetie :)

I'd love to worship them!!


no to implants.......flaunt what you have im sure they are beautiful

I would trade large breasts for sensitive, active nipples any day. A woman who enjoys having her nipples played with is a huge turn on.

I watched a documentary the other day called Busting Out. It was about breast obsession in America. Being a subject expert, the topic appealed to me....

Anyway, they claimed that there really isn't a physical reason that a woman's breasts are an erogenous zone. They claimed it was nothing but a psychological response to the obsession we have with them. I believe one "expert" claimed that if we had sexualized elbows they would be as much of an erogenous zone as a woman's breasts. It was a bit thought provoking.

that is interesting, but I think I have to disagree.... Nipple stimulation releases a chemical in the female brain. It's the same chemical that's released when we ******, and the same chemical that causes contractions in pregnant women. To me, nipples are part of the breast but if you're just talking about the soft breast tissue I guess they'd be right :)