36c With Super Hard Nips

I have  loved to have my long erect  nipples sucked and pinched and fondled ever since I was a little kid.   When I was about 13, my boobs started to really grow and My nipples started to get permanently   long and erect.. At first it was embarrasing , put I learned to appreciated what nature had done.
      I used to swim with my Aunt at her house on the lake and I would only wear a T shirt. My Aunt would always tease me about my " High Beams"  Once when we were changing clothes after a swim, she ran her hands over  my breasts with her fingers open wide. This caused  my hard nipples to spring up between her fingers as we both laughed.. From that point on, I've had this thing about wanting my nipples played with.
      When my daughter was born (15 years ago)    I breast fed her, this caused my nipples to grow even longer.     Now I'm a 36C with hard nipples almost an inch long.   I'd love to show them off to you girls.   I have more nipple stories, but, that will have to wait .......Sandee
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4 Responses May 17, 2012

Long nipples are sooo hot. Especially when you get to see them poking thru clothing.

I had a girlfriend with long, long nipples. They were so much fun. Only woman I had ever seen with long ones like that.

Why wait, your fans want to see those beautiful ****!

Really wish you'd show them off to us all!!! LOL!! I'm a huge fan of hard nipples! they're so erotic and exciting to me!!