He Deserves To *** Where He Wants

There's something about having hot white jets of seed sprayed on my face and ****. I love it! I want my man to come on me in this way at least once a week and will often ask him to cream my face while we are passionately kissing with my hand around his **** or i'm sucking him off.
Feeling his *** on my nipples is very erotic. Like a sweet cream I can rub in like lotion, when my husband shoots his *** onto my ****, I love to use my fingers and palms to smear his **** all over my chest. I also love to scoop the streams up and bring them to my mouth with one hand while the other hand rubs his *** into my nipple in pinches and rolls between my fingers.
His **** is meant for me and he deserves to explode on me or in me at least once a day. If my face pleases him as a place to shoot his sticky white cream, then blow all over my waiting mouth, cheeks, forehead, and hair he shall. If my **** please his fancy at the moment of his ******, then his precious cream will be taken on my neck and nipples.
I especially love licking it all of when he's done. His load is a reward, he places it in or on my body where he thinks I need it (and where pleases him most) and I will gladly lick and suck it from the places he bestows it upon me.
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Where is your absolute favorite place to take his seed?