Wife Loves To Facesit

There is not to many other sensations that get me turned on so much than having a nice satin panty covered *** sitting on your face. Whether it be 69 position of complete facesitting where the woman is literally sitting ontop of your face either sitting backwards or forwards. I'm not sure what is about facesitting, maybe being so close to the sweet smells and tastes of a woman. Add to all of that the cool, soft, silky feeling of satin panties and I'm instantly hard. I have always enjoyed a woman sitting on my face while she is still wearing panties, many of my past girlfriends have enjoyed this and my wife loves to wiggle her panty covered *** as she sits on my face. I love when she grinds the crotch of her panties into my nose. Check out our profile for more about us.
pantiescouple pantiescouple
Dec 8, 2011