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The Outer And The Inner

I love when someone sucks on my *****, pressing their mouth to my cunny in that most obscene and intimate of kisses. My outer labia become so inflamed and extended when I am aroused.

But I dearly love it when someone spreads open my outer labia to expose the delicate petals of my inner labia surrounding my ***** mouth and concealing my ****. That most sensitive pink flesh sends such mind blowing sensations racing through my body when someone sucks on it. Not too hard, but just so tenderly, their tongue lapping at my labia as they suck. I become so incredibly aroused so very quickly.

My clitty stiffens and swells, protruding slightly from beneath the fleshy hood of my inner labia and inviting someone to suck on it, to lick it, to tease it with their tongue and their fingers. Oh my, I sometimes almost leap with sudden delight when someone first tongues my ****.

Just writing about this has my ***** feeling so very moist and I must stop and touch myself.
outofbiz outofbiz 36-40, F 20 Responses Oct 19, 2012

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Makes my ***** so moist too. I need touching/licking.

What woman does not? Every woman has that need, whether she admits it or not. Warm Licks and kisses.

Only for a couple of hours and then...............................

Oh my, I would simply go out of my mind with *******. You would have me delerious from ******* and ******* and ******* over and over again. I would be writhing and gyrating so wantonly as my body shook and quivered with uncontrollable spasms of tortuous delight. And could do whatever you pleased with me.

A warm wet French kiss back to you (south of your waiste)

Ooooooo, yes, and I hope you linger there with your tongue?

That is why I cherish our friendship so much!!!!

And I cherish such wonderful praises and compliments. I am so eager to please, and I take such delight in knowing that you cherish me. Warm Kisses.

Hi there!!! I love most the inner you!!! Hope you are doing well!!!!!

Inside and outside, I am just such a helpless nympho ****. Warm Kisses.

That is so very hot.

Love making you hot. Warm Kisses.

And nobody else can do that as well you.

If you need a sucker.... you only have to ask!

So many guys have made that very sweet offer here at EP. If I ever began to say yes, there would be a line of thousands waiting for their turn, and I would probably be driven completely insane. Not that the prospect sounds all that uninviting, mind you, but a girl has to be a little cautious don't you agree? Besides, my masterful husband will simply not allow me to hook up with guys from EP. Sorry. But thank you for your wonderful thought.

Would you let a girl (like me) lick it?

A girl like you? Not sure what that means. But yes, I am completely bisexual, encouraged to be so by my masterful husband, and over the years I have developed quite a lusty enthusiasm for other women. I love ***** almost as much as I love a hard ****, and to have a girl tongue my ***** is just blissfull and heavenly. Warm Kisses.

You made me hard as a rock let me take care of this and ill start your next story

Ooo, I can just picture you stroking that thing. Warm Kisses

Yeah me too

mmmmmm very sexy

Thank you, sweet girl. Warm soft kisses.

I love sucking on a woman's labia, and toungue teasing her ****!!! It gets me hard just thinking about your **** twitching in my mouth!!!

Oooo, I like the sound of that. Nice.

After reading your story(s) I frequently have to stop and touch myself as well. As much as I love doing this, I would love to hear step by step exactly the way you like it. I do fully ubderstand that every person and every time is and can be very different. I find that the real skill comes from reading and anticipating what your partner wants and is felling. You have such a beautiful and hot body!!!!! But the sexiest part of you is your amazing mind!!!! Thank you again!!

No, thank you, Sean, for being so kind and generous with your praise and compliments. I am very grateful and appreciative. My readers often comment on my mind, as you did, which I find very interesting and thought provoking. As an admitted sex addict, one who openly suffers from nymphomania, completely out of control sexually, I would think that my mind might be a bit suspect, and yet, people say it is amazing. I think they mean that my obsession with sex fuels their fantasies and makes them want me. What do you think?

Your mind, your soul, your body and what a kind heart. It is all of you that is desireable. I enjoy reading about you and hearing from you. I hope you enjiy the holidays! Sean

The mind is the most powerful of all the sex organs!

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So nicely written !
I would love to satisfy U by doing that, and much more.
Please keep writing more everyday.
Wish I had a girlfriend/wife so sex-hungry.

You should get one. Teach, train, guide and develop her to become the erotic goddess of your dreams. Mold her into your fantasy girl.

Thank U, with love.

I love licking, sucking and eating *****, especially smooth one, it feels and tastes so good, I wish we were close by, I would love to *** and give great licking for a long time and make you *** many times, mmmmm yummy

Oooo, I would love that too.

I love pussylicking, especially to a squirting woman.
Its wonderful to make a woman happy through licking.

I love a man who loves licking my ***** *giggle*

Each and every time without fail I make my wife go by sucking on her button while i run my thumb on her front wall down around and under and If I am feeling naughty, I keep stopping right as she gets there, then continue this drives her wild! Then after she has one, I get on top and just hold myself barely touching her with my member and tickle her a little and make her beg for it TOTAL CONTROL!! Quite intoxicating!! I crave for her to take control though and take a regular boyfriend and lock me in chastity! I love to be humiliated!

I think most men love that powerful feeling of total control over a woman who has been reduced to a **** hungry, sex-crazed female animal, just begging to be ******. It definately makes a man feel like a total stud.

Very lovely description by Billycuck.
And Outofbiz is already lovely beyond description.

And reading it again.... I enjoyed it as much as the first time. I suppose women do it better than men?

Women do it differently than a man, but I would not say better. Some guys do it wonderfully and just blow my mind with pleasure. But some girls do too. I really think that the person who is best at anything is the one who enjoys doing it the most.

If you could schedule a life-long learning or retirement recreation class, that would be popular. Then I could sign up. Such a class would give old guys like me the motivation to 'get up' in the morning; I'm sure you would get many seniors '*******'. People would be remarking about how old Joe, old Bill, etc. had got more of a spring in their step. Slow learners like me would need extra tutorials to get intensive tuition.

I love older men. Warm Kisses.

I have the same suggestion for Outofbiz to teach men.

i would surely love to get a lesson from such a classy nympho **** (your self-reference) as you, to refine my vulva-eating technique - there's always room for improvement & i always seek self-development. (wiping drool from my chin)

Yes, I would enjoy that. Teaching a man how to properly eat a *****. That would be an interesting class, perhaps at a Junior College or Community College. ***** Eating 101. *giggle* Then there would be Advance ***** Eating 102, all the way up to Mastery of ***** Eating 404. I would love giving those final exams where each student had to eat my ***** and make me ***.

Would you give scholarships for that class if they were good or maybe test out by spending the weekend with you? I ate at the 'Y' last night and I can still smell her in my nose! She squirted about a quart all up my nose then I hopped on board and it was dripping on her face! LOL. I did get her to say "I promise to try a boyfriend" 3 times as I pumped away then convulsed several times after I released, it was SSSSOOOO f'ing good! I am still riding on a cloud!

Those promises women make in the throes of ****** may seem frivilous but she will definately remember them and will later wonder if you remember them as well. She will be on pins and needles waiting to see if you hold her to her naughty promises.

I will never stop trying to get her to cuckold me, I am totally obsessed with it, maybe someday!

Well, she promised, right?

Yes she did! I will have to hold her to that.

Her word is her bond. I have to tell you, that there is no way she would have promised if she was not excited by the prospect. So she is probably eagerly waiting for you to "force" her to live up to her promise.

Such a busy schedule to fit any of this into, but that is great advice coming from a woman's perspective. I just don't know how serious she was. I am going to buy her the book "Around her finger" for X-mas. I already have a copy of Elise Sutton's "The Femdom Experience". I gave that to her to read a couple of years ago but she refused and freaked out. I have slowly been working on her slowly and methodically. Within the last 6 months I got her to say various naughty things while having s*x. Some of which are " I'm the boss", "I'm going to have a boyfriend and *uc* him right in front of you", "I promise to try a boyfriend" among others. I remember a couple of years ago we went on a dinner cruise and she wore a leopard print low cut nice tight dress and some killer heels. After dinner and dancing, we were on the top deck enjoying the lights of the city while holding each other tight and I told her I would love for her to be with someone else. I also mentioned chastity and how much all this turned me on. I had a raging HO and pressing it against her leg while spilling my deepest inner desires and fantasies. It was such a huge turn on for me letting myself be so exposed emotionally, but what a high! That moment will forever be burned in my mind and I will never forget it. I don't know if she ever will. I don't think she trusts the situation. I feel she thinks I have a hidden agenda ( sleeping with other women or something ) which I do not. I want to be totally monogamous to her, her to lock me in chastity and deny me most of the time to keep me horny and frustrated most of the time! She does not talk much and doesn't like to talk about her feelings although she is such a good f*** and gets so into it. I know that once I get her to do it, I fear she will not want to remain with me and will eventually want to be with someone else. We connect on so many levels and have been together for 13 yrs and are amazing best friends. I don't want to ruin anything we have together, but I have this deep hunger to be completely dominated, humiliated, teased and generally f**ked with on so many levels. I have many heels of my own that I wear driving to work and around the house when no one is home. I wear a cotton man thong everyday and get my nails done every 2 weeks and have them buffed shiny. I keep my eyebrows plucked and shape them as much as I dare. I also have a black underbust training corset that I told my wife is for her, but I wear it on occasion around the house. I love being a guy and doing all the guy things that I like to do. I love that I can make her submit in the bedroom ( she likes to fight it, but she is so easy when I get her worked up ) and the power that I have over her,but I hunger to be dominated etc. I just don't want to lose the mutual respect that we have for each other, I just want to be more open and honest with my feelings and I am the type of person that has to take everything to the absolute limit or I feel unsatisfied. I would love to go out with her while crossdressed and watch her get pounded by a young stud in the back of a limo. ( One of her fantasies, in the back of a limo ) Meanwhile I would be locked and forced to clean her after with my tongue! I guess I want her to be my addiction! Sorry I went off on a tangent. Tell me what you think. By the way I have no desire to be with another man outside of being forced under a femdom situation. Please help with any advice as my painful vanilla life is eating me alive and is barely tolerable ( I feel like I have to lie to myself everyday to make it through the day ). Frustrated Billy

Finding a suitable guy is the next challenge!

She has been burned in the past by men, so I think she has alot of predetermined opinions about how bad it can go. She tries to be so guarded with her emotions and to see her totally let go with someone else and for her to know that no matter what she does to me, I will never leave her, I want her to feel that deep inside. Somehow I don't feel like I will ever be truly satisfied until she is comfortable taking advantage of me and her knowing I will never leave. Go figure right!

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there is such variety of good words for female genitalia for erotic prose like this; if i describe the ecstatic feeling getting tongue tickling on my frenulum! - that just ain't sexy sounding like *****, ****, labia, cunny (liked that in ur story) & even **** with its harsh sound can be deployed to good effect

Yes, I tend to overuse certain words and phrases, I know, which speaks of my lack of high intelligence. I must be so obvious to someone of truly high intelligence who is truly well educated. I embarrass myself, I know that I do. People are so kind not to point it out to me or rub my face in my lack.