Nibbles With Kisses....

To me there is nothing better than a person coming up behind me gently pushing my hair to the side, bringing their lips so close the they gently brush my neck and I can feel their warm breath carressing my neck....chills circle through my body....Then the lips to gently touch my neck, kissing softly and slowly with the occasional grazing of teeth and soft intimate bites....*sighs*

Leife Leife
26-30, F
3 Responses May 15, 2010

I would LOVE to fulfill this fantasy of yours. I would keep nibbling you with my lips crawling towards your spine, and then lip-crawling downwards and downwards... How would you like to do next?

Agreed! I love having that done to me...not to mention coming from behind slowly sweeping her hair away from her neck to press my lips gently on a woman's neck kissing softly then grazing my teeth against her flesh...*sigh and smiles*

OMG! Having someone come up from behind me...whether standing or lying in bed is the easiest way to make me melt like butter in your arms! My neck is prob my most sensitive area on my body. And the most intoxicating smell on the planet to me is the natural scent of a woman right where their neck meets their shoulders. I could bury my face there and never grow tired of that sweet, delicate, delicious scent.