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Biggest Turn On

Being sucked on my neck is my most biggest turn on. Kissing on my neck is just a tease but biting and sucking will get me wet. Its so hot i love it. My boyfriend trys not to do it cause he dont want to leave marks but its turns me on. I never want sex as bad as i do when i get my neck sucked/bit
Babe86 Babe86 18-21, F 11 Responses Jan 7, 2011

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I feel the same way! :D

Could you be what Twilight is all about?

can i kiss your neck!? i will do it with pleasure! ^_^

Same here! My husband won't do that for me. It turns me on so much!

I can imagine tasting your skin.....<br />
<br />
Feeling my teeth scrape over your neck

kissing the neck turns me on too, babe86. Almost as much as sucking toes ;)

My favorite place to start nibbling, the neck and the earlobes....and work my way down...

He can always bit and suck your neck, under you beautiful hair. I'd start there, and bite suck and lick my way down your hot body, until i end up sucking, biting, nibbling, and licking your juicy *****!

thanks for thee comments = )

kissing and softbiting the earlobes and neck are very erotic .difficult for any person to a classic ****** to both .and the female set to loose control on herself if the kissing tongue is active and exploratory.wet saliva coats are a viagra by itself

I love that too... but I think nibble is a sexier word than bite :)