My Girls Like To Come Out An Play

My boyfriend / sex buddy and I parted ways a few months ago. O how I miss him. He understood my nipples.
I have 42D ****, and I like having them looked at. I like to wear low cut tops and a bra that has a C cup, so they are showing lots of cleavage, busting out, begging to be played with.
First the look, and the smile, and I know what he is thinking. Rubbing through my shirt, just the brushes from the back of his hand over my 42D and bring my nipples to life.
Standing behind me, he unhooks my bra, and lets the girls out to play. First the rubbing, back and forth, along with some kneading, he is a farmer and has big rough hands, (did I mention I miss him) my nipples come to life, big and hard. Next he pulls them, and rolls them between his fingers, pinching, pulling and rolling. My nipples are hard, and my knees are week. Move to the bed, where he uses his mouth, tongue flicks, and then he uses his teeth. I glance down and he has my nipple between his teeth. The other nipple is being pulled, rolled, pinched, and stretched, away from my body. Switch, ****, and give the other a good suck while he pinches the other one. He gathers both of my ****, and pushes them together, alternately his tongue flicks each nipple, the flicks become nibbles, the nibbles become bites. I come, he laughs, and we continue the fun. I know that the next day my nipples will be sore, red and raw, but it hurts so good.
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thank you for sharing
I want to do for your beautiful breasts

A lovely story, So exciting. I'm sorry about your boyfriend.

You decribe it so well. Thank you for posting :-)

great story, very very hott!

WOW. i love when the girls come out to play