Nipple Excitement

My wife has breast fed 2 kids & has a slight issue with nipple sucking... she finds it too sensitive to have her nipples licked or sucked BEFORE she climaxes, (which is a pity) but boy oh boy does she love it AFTER she has had her ******. We both love ************ and we find it so sexy for me to ********** her & make her climax, then I can penetrate her & continue to bring myself to ****** whilst really sucking hard on her nipples & squeezing her breasts. Its an amazing transformation as at one stage she just could bear to have her nipples touched. I too love to have my nipples touched, tweaked & sucked while I am screwing her, she does this really well & I can imagine what it must be like for her being ****** while her nipples are sucked. Its really stimulating... she likes to recount sex acts she has performed in the past with other boyfriends (they *********** her too) & she also tells me about other guys she would love to have now. I now dont really know if she has had sex with another guy since we have been discussing this issue of her having sex with others... I hope she has ! she's had lots of opportunities and nights out with her girlfriends when shes been dressed very sexy, sometimes with no underwear.
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Sep 7, 2010