Love To Have My Nipples Pinched And Pulled And My Breasts Twisted Cruely

I was a young teenager when I was first enjoyed by an older man that I babysat for. He liked to squeeze and twist my young ******* cruely and pinch and pull on my tender nipples. I would moan into his mouth, which was covering mine as he did this to me.

Yes, it hurt, but it also shot waves of excitement through me too as I surrendered my body to this older, handsome man.
He told me that playing with a girl's breasts was a way that guys let a girl know that they liked her and that I should be proud of my young ******* and be happy to have them played with. He was twisting them hard and pulling on my nipples when he finally pushed himself into my virgin ***** a few weeks later. After that, I just expected him to play with my breasts roughly and I came to accept it..and even crave it, as a part of fulfilling sex.

I am now 22, married, and sometimes find myself with a stranger who particularly enjoys my small, 32B breasts. When I ask for him to twist them cruely and to pinch and pull on my nipples as he ***** me, I find most guys more than willing to accommodate me.
Courtney4fun22 Courtney4fun22 22-25, F 54 Responses Apr 7, 2012

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Girl after my own heart.. Feel the same way..Can't get enough of the rough nipple play

well I can just imagine xo

Count me in. I love to pinch and bite a woman's nipples. My wife loves it when i do it to hers.

Yea, I don't think you would ever find someone not willing to pinch and twist them cruelly.

I love small breasts with sexy sensitive nipples on them and would gladly pull yours about and twist your buds and pinch them and bite them between my teeth before I ****** you hard Sexy Girl ; ) X

Courtney... very nice and exciting story,thanks for sharing!!

I do believe we have a lot in common. Please add me

i know

it so turns me on too


Hmmmm I love rough nipple play.....would love to roughly tease yours!

Nothing better than a pair of school girl size **** to play with.. Love to watch as I pull them nearly off their chest and watch them spring back.. You can almost see the juices flowing as they are pinched and twisted and pulled.. GREAT sex always comes with some pain, just the right amount to keep it interesting, and to allow her to understand her role as she is used.

I have taen female hormones for some time and have very perky B cups. I love it when I'm in drag and a guy plays with them.

Thank you Terri!
I love it sooo much too, knowing that the guy is in control of what we are doing and just needing to be a good girl and take care of his needs.

mmmm... not all girls love that, but oh the ones that do... so hot and so much fun, and yours are perfection for it, love that size!

Thank you kindly Sir for the compliment, and I hope to have you catch me in a mall sometime and coerce me into going out to your car with you.

thank you lovely little ****, just need to find the right mall ;) Looking forward to your next adventure

meant to you

Mmmmmmm that's so sexy and sensual.... I'd love to do that to do

Oh, yes, I knew what you meant!...and I would welcome that kind of attention from you!

I love girls like you. I'm 53 and my wife is 16 yrs younger than I am. But she looks even younger than that. Her beasts are 32AA. She hates them, but of course, I love them. Even after 2 kids she has the body of a 20 something. Once I go down on her - her very favorite - I reach up and twist her nipples. I am astonished at how hard I can do it and how much she loves it. I mean, I really start to push the envelope just to see how far I can go and she's never stopped me. That becomes a turn on for me. Twisting the nipples of those tiny little ****, hearing her moan with pleasure.

I enjoy doing this with a woman. The look on her face while twisting and pulling her nipples is like nothing else. Plus feeling how wet her ***** gets just from doing this is amazing.

Oh yes...I get very wet quickly when a guy is using my ******* roughly. I love the humiliation of being treated that way and the pain shoots straight to my *****.

Very hot you made my **** get hard we like your stories

I love to twist and stretch nipples on smaller breasts!

Your breasts are lovely and apparently very sensitive..glad you enjoy having them done

I will twist and pinch them for you. I may put clothes pins on them and twist them around. Would you like that?

I haven't ever had clothes pins put on my **** or nipples but it sounds VERY exciting and hurtful! I would be begging you to stop and I would do anything you wanted.

I would continue to twist them I would cover them in hot sauce and sit back to watch your body react.

You remind me of a woman who worked in my office. She was young and married a nice but non dominant man. If he only knew the things she would do, and what was done to her, that he never would enjoy.

I'll do everything u want,to u and ur **** ur gorgeous love ur stories

Thank you for he kind offer Sir!
If you happen to see me at the mall or park, take me some place private and coerce me into showing you my *******.
Lovingly Yours,

You have s lot going for you
to. Little sensitive ******* and an eager tight.*****.. What more could a Guy want. Thanks for your stories. How about some.more pictures?

It sounds like you know me well Sir!

i love my wifes 32B's nothing wrong with small ****! just take advantage of them and go braless more often

Well Courtney, I happen to find 32Bs to be just about perfect!

Thank you Sir! I am happy that you like them that way.

Just like my wife, she love her breasts to be groped and squeeze and her nipples pulled and pinched during intercourse, claiming that it heightened her excitement.

I enjoyed your story. It sounded like a fun experience. You sound like an awesome girl, I would appreciate it if you could add me.

So sad, yet, so erotic.

I bet that's true for sure..hope you get all you can stand

Wow. I'm aroused right now thinking about manhandling your sweet little *******. I would nibble and bite your nipples until you orgasmed. xxxxxxx

I would prefer to have you mauling my ******* while you were pushing your hard **** into my tight *****.

Love this story! Hope to hear more :-)