Nipple Pain Turns Me On

i remember the first time i had clamps on my was a surprise from my older boyfriend for my 15th birthday. he told me he had a nice surprise for me. we were going out on a date to a fancy restaurant. my best girlfriend picked out a dress for me to wear that night. it was tight, low cut, short, black dress. i was getting ready at her place because she was behind some of the details. my boyfriend included instructions for getting ready - no underwear whatsoever. my ***** felt good against the smoothness of the dress but my **** were hard. dinner was excellent. i don't remember the food much. my boyfriend enjoyed the outfit and well as did everyone else that night. i was so wet by the time we left the restaurant. in his car, we made out and he finally fingered me. then he took me back to his place , which didn't surprise me. i thought we were going to finish what we started in the car. much to my surprise he had other plans. my girlfriend welcomes us - which i thought was odd. she then blindfolds me because she says that the best surprise is next. she takes the dress off me because she doesn't want it to get ruined. while lifting it off of me, she flicks my **** and leans down and licks them. i hear her leave the room and my boyfriend comes back in and ties my hands behind me and then ties me to the post which separates his living room from the hallway. i tried to talk my way out of it but it didn't work. He told me that i was bad for having such hard **** and wet ***** after dinner. I told him I'd behave better next time. That didn't appease him because I then felt a painful pleasure coming from my tiny ****. i moaned. He told me that's what I get for having perky **** in public. He then slapped the weighted **** around some before adding some extra weights added on more pleasure. my girlfriend came out to help me manage the pain. she finigered my ***** while my **** took a painful bondage experience. i will never forget that night.
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Wow, that sounds like an amazing experience, no wonder you will never forget it!!!

Young but old enough to enjoy!
Good for you!

Loved the story VERY much!

Wow that's one of the hottest stories I've read. What a wonderful 15h birthday present - and I mean the whole night, not just the clamps :)

Sounds so hot Becka!! Thanks for sharing this!!

wow very nice! wish I was there to witness that!