I Want A Stranger To Pinch My Nipples!

I would get so hot if a man of 50 years or older that I never met before were to walk up behind me, reach in front any lift my shirt, pinch both my nipples between his finger and thumb, and firmly roll my nipples around! It would be more than I can take! Especially if he is married and a naughty daddy type! I'd let him pinch my nipples for hours and hours, driving me out of my mind until I was squirming and sopping wet! I would be on the verge of climaxing, but he would be excited knowing how desperate I am and the control he has over body! My ***** would suffer!
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4 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Love nipple play.

After spending time pinching and squeezing your nipples I would sit you in my lap and slide my hand under your skirt so I could pinch your your **** and have you ******* all over my fingers.

Do you have long enough hair for a pony tail honey? I want to have a handle to use when I feed my **** to your hungry mouth.

If that is you in the picture honey I would also spend some time ******* those gorgeous ******* and and painting your chin and nipples with my load.

Are you going to give me your tight little *** too honey or am I going to have to take it?

When Daddy puts his **** in your tight *** it will be with your legs in the air so I can look you in the eye and see that you know you belong to me. You will be so beautiful with your tight *** stuffed with my **** and me pulling you off the bed by your stiff nipples.

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Over 56 and would love to do that:-)