I have been sexually active since I was 15. I have always loved to give hand jobs and blow jobs. The thrill that comes with watching a man shiver and shake with pleasure simply at the touch of my hand or the warmth of my mouth is intense.
I have always loved having my breasts sucked and fondled, and of course I love intercourse. I love missionary. cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spooning, doggie style, water sex, public sex, standing sex....you name it, I probably like it.
Receiving oral pleasure, however was the one thing I was uncomfortable with. I only let two people ever try it on me and both attempts were not a success. It felt like they were aliens probing my body or doctors performing anexam of some sort. Not. Good. So, I decided never to do it again.
However, When my (now) husband and I were dating he decided he wanted to get a taste of my hot pink south. I reluctantly decided to allow him to do it, not expecting anything. To my delighted surprise I began to feel warm and my **** started to swell. I was becoming turned on in a way I never had before.
As he lapped up the warm juices starting to flow from my pulsing vagina I began to tingle and twitch from the orgasmic energy building. The combinations he would use by going fast, then slow, then fast again and the way he would trace the outline of my **** with his tongue drove me crazy. To my thrilled disbelief I uttered a moan and came in his mouth like I has never came before.
Ever since then I have been addicted to having my vagina licked and sucked. I love it when small circles are made with varying pressures, slowly honing in on my engorged ****. I love it when he takes my **** in his mouth and sucks on it. It drives me wild when he works his mouth up and down and eagerly plunged his face into my slit while working is tongue up and down my sopping wet *****. There is nothing like an ****** that comes from oral pleasure. I'm all wet now just thinking about it...
aliciav22 aliciav22
31-35, F
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So glad you are now enjoying it. It is so hot to go down on a woman and watch her respond.