Sheer Shirts In Public

I have asked my wife to wear sheer shirts in public several times. She has done this for me on a few occasions, especially when we are out of town (we visit New Orleans every few years, and she is somewhat more comfortable doing it there). Here are a few pics of her on one of our trips there.
bluedragon1971 bluedragon1971
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14 Responses May 26, 2010

She is a beauty. She should be proud to show as often as possible.

We love sheer attire and enjoy some public play when we are out of town. Love to see others sharing. Hope our paths cross some time soon.

Ok, we'd like to join you. Maybe my wife will not object so much if your wife is willing.

I like it why don't more women wear sheer. I want my lady to do the same, but more lite skert no pantys an shaved.

Your wife is a treasure. Thank you for sharing. We are richer because of your joy.

Well done to your wife!

OH, MY!!!!....Now that is a woman that I admire. Her blouse couldn't get much more sheer.

wow! that's wonderfully sheer. bravo!

She looks so hot, wish I could get my sexy wife to try that!

Good deal! My wife feels the same way, it has to be out of the area. Doesn't want to have to have conversations with co-workers while her nipples are fully visible. She gets entirely worked up while we go for dinner. She loves the attention given to her by strangers, and I enjoy seeing her beaming with her beauty.


very daring and very very sexy

i enjoy mine wearing sheer in public too and of course like seein other wives wearin it also

Shear and very nice i'd love to see more of her....