Sex In A Limo

A friend of mine is a driver and co-owner at a limo company. My ex g/f was at my house and he called. Asked if we would like to ride around town in his new limo. I said sure. My ex g/f and I were in the back. She started rubbing my chest, which turned me on. We started making out. Groping each each others' bodies. She got on my laps while we were making out. She whispered in my ear that she thinks Scott is watching us. I looked and noticed the 'wall' between the fron and back was down. But the glass partition was up. I knew he did that on purpose. I also knew he could see us. She asked if we should give him a show. I said yes. We ended up completely naked. She was riding me like a bull at the nationla championship. ******* like crazy. A few times, she got off my ****, turned around so her back was to me, and slid down my **** again. Her **** were facing the front. He was watching the whole time. I called him on the phone and asked if he could fine a secluded area where we could pull over. He did. Me and her got out and started ******* on the trunk. We saw that he had gotten out, too, and was standing there watching us with his **** in his hand. He was jerkiing off hard, while watching us ****. It was soooo hot!
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Almost same experience with me. I was on a long drive, my wife Kalara sitting on front seat, her gf Lessile was on back seat. It was very pleasant. we were enjoying music and chatting. Kalara was in mini skirt, with no panties, as usual. I was also without underwear. After about half an hour I began to rub K's thigh and sooner touched her pu**y. She moaned but at once realized that her friend was on the back. I did not stop. K opened her legs a bit and turned slightly towards me. she actually exposed her pu**y which was wet and hot. she then unzipped my trouser and pulled out throbbing and erect pe**s. We were careful not to be seen by outsiders or police.
Her friend L was looking us playing sex fun. She offered to drive and asked us to come to back seat to enjoy freely. We agreed. Once in back seat I pulled down my trouser, K pulled up skirt. Now she was sucking my c**k. Having changed position I started licking her juicy pu**y. L would alert us if any police car seen. It was almost dark, so we were bit safe. K sat on my lap. My hard rod was straight inside her. Our moans, kissing and electrifying movement was marvelous. We discharged almost at the same time. K commented that driving was very difficult for her as she was very hot, horny and fingering her pu**y non stop. K offered her to have a **** with me which I happily did on return, as three-some game was normal for me and wife.
I must say it was agreat anf memorable **** in the open. Ilsesso.

hot story

wow that is a fantasy of mine. Too bad you didn't spit roast or DP her.