Jacksonville Fun

So work sent me for a month to Jacksonville, FL. I know no one here but, as you know if you've read my stories, meeting people is what I do best. Put an ad out on Craigslist and, as is usual these days, immediately started getting spammed like crazy. But in the midst of the garbage, up popped an email from an 18 year old AA girl. Her folks were preachers and very strict and she had a curfew and everything. But my ad piqued her curiosity because it turns out my apartment is minutes from where she goes to community college. She could swing by after class and still get home within the curfew she lived under.

Our first meeting at my apartment was a little awkward, just some small talk. I'm 47 and have so little connection to the music and TV culture she lives in, but when I got her shirt up and her pert little nipple in my mouth, we found where we do have things in common. Her nipples straightened right up when my mouth hit them and the soft moans coming from her lips let me know how much she was enjoying my attention. I was rubbing the crotch of her jeans and, to my delight, felt a wetness permeate that denim and soon she was soaking through her jeans as I suckled her nips. I undid the top button and slid that zipper down, exposing her bald young ***** to my eager fingers.

The wetness was insane - just hot, thick slick wetness pouring out of that young fuckhole. I pulled those jeans off, put one short leg (she was 5'0", I'm, 6'3") over each of my shoulders and stabbed that hot **** with my tongue. Her moisture slicked my face from eyelid to chin and dripped out of her onto my hardwood floor, puddling there next to the couch as I located and tongued her little ****. I could not believe how much wetness this little spinner was gushing. Her ****** took some time to arrive, but I was patient and licked and sucked for over 30 minutes until her body began to jerk and twitch and her panting mouth whispered, "I'm close, I'm close." Her hands tightly squeezed my forearms (God I love that) as I pinched her nipples and she came long and hard on my tongue.

I quickly flipped her onto her knees, slipped on the condom, and began to feed my fat 7" rock hard **** into her tight little bald ****. I could see her lips wrapped around my shaft and had a fantastic view as she slowly pushed back to take my **** into her insanely tight **** hole. It was like ******* a fist she was so tight. My **** gets fatter at the base and so she was being stretched out the entire time I was entering her. Her moans began to grow louder as I picked up the pace and I knew this young, soaked tight **** was going to cause my nut to erupt very soon. She began to call out, "**** me Daddy" over and over and then, for a second gorgeous time I felt her body spasm and her breathless whisper of, "I'm close, I'm close" sent me over the edge. I blasted away inside that condom, filling it up with my come as she pistoned away on my coming ****. When at last I slid out from her, so much girl come came out that there was an audible splash on the hardwood floor.

She has class three nights a week and on Saturday a.m.'s. While my **** still struggles to go long in that tight *****, the four times a week, two-three ***** at a time experience is helping me develop better stamina. The first girl I **** who's a little more stretched out is gonna get ******* for a long ******* time!!!

Rugbylvr4 Rugbylvr4
51-55, M
Jan 21, 2013