Had Them Open Today!

it was pretty close to 70 here today...yay!!  after all that disgusting snow (no offense snowbunny lol) it was nice to have warm temps!  ok, so it was a BIT windy...but the sun was still shining and it was warm, the snow is pretty much gone (except the big piles)....i even opened the windows and let some fresh air in!  it was nice to be able to do that in February lol

KinkyFlower KinkyFlower
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10 Responses Feb 9, 2009

yep! can't wait till we can do that every day!

I love the smell of trees and fresh air, I haven't taken a got wiff at it in a while. I hope we can soon open our windows and let the sun shine in and the wind blow it's natural freshness in.

sure sure....rub in it why don't ya Robyn1972 :P lol

i don't really have any allergies so :P i like the fresh air :D

I like pollution. No allergies!

no...you just have lots of good smellin pollution instead of wonderful fresh air :P btw...the corn actually smells good lol

No corn smell either!

shut up :P i should've known you'd make some sort of comment to rub in my face lol

I get that all the time

oh i know! i love the fresh air and sunshine :D