What I Love About Nights Out !!!

i love pre planning my night out finding THE PERFECT OUTFIT!!!
i love getting dress up for a night out!!!
i love meeting new people and partying with them too!
i love dancing like a idiot in the most unsexiest way taking the **** out of the **** drop and if a guy dances up to me, i do the most unsexiest dance i can possibly do and watching him second guess my sanity
i love it when my favourite song comes on and i can give it some attitude :P!!! (jump around),(hay i heard you where a wild one whowhoohooo),(trouble)
i love free drinks from guys that apprieciate my dance moves !!
i love the guys with the chat up line!!
i love seeing all my friends dancing like wierdos, espicially when the guys go into the cages and dance like ***** that cracks me up!!! :D
i love finding a prop like a my hair brush and interviewing everyone i can find and of course using it to sing my favourite song.

genuinefeline genuinefeline
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Me too :)